April 29, 2011

Wearing white to a wedding

So, did you watch the Royal Wedding?

I didn't, but I saw some pictures (on everyone's blogs) and I read this article about Kate Middleton's sister, the maid of honor, Pippa (is that really her name??) and how she wore an all white dress to her sister's wedding.
They said that "etiquette experts consider it bad form for anyone but the bride to wear white on the wedding day."

I have to admit that I was confused when I first saw her, thinking it was Kate because of her white dress.

But really, I thought that it was perfectly fine that she wore white! And I thought it looked great!
That's probably because all of my bridesmaids wore white at my wedding.
I've always thought it looked classy :)

(Some pictures I posted before....)

What is it about weddings that makes us girls love them soooo much?!

April 27, 2011

Now that Easter has come and gone

And now that I've seen on everyone's blogs and facebook all the cute Easter baskets they got for their kids, I'm officially embarrassed to admit that NO, the Easter bunny did not come to our house this year. It has nothing to do with Cole, I guess he just has naughty parents.

We were at the grocery store on Friday and right as we were finishing up Steve said to me:

"So, don't we need to get something for Cole for Easter?"

"Seriously, babe? For a 4 month old? I don't think so...." 
(I'm such a brat sometimes...;)

Come to find out everyone else got their babies Easter baskets. It's not like you do it because you think they're really going to appreciate it but more because you want to be a good parent, right?!

Thank goodness we snapped this picture last Saturday before going to do a service project in the park. Because at least I can say now that we took Cole to see the Easter Bunny. Even if it was for like 3 seconds.
Yeah, he wasn't really into it.

But I can feel like a good mom now. Kind of. 

April 26, 2011

photoshoot with my baby :)

Lessons learned:
*Just don't go when it's too hot for him to stand it. This results in crying all the way home :( Poor thing.

*But if you do go when it's sunny, don't forget the sunscreen. Yikes!!

*Wait until he can at least sit up on his own. This will probably make things a whole lot easier.

*Or wait until he can look and smile at the camera, in which case it wouldn't really matter if he can sit up or not. The smiles would totally make up for it :)

*Do go with Lindsey and her cute baby, Max. Oh my gosh, he is the cutest, smiley baby.
Don't ask why I didn't get a picture of him; I don't know, I should have!

Oh and ps, does my hair look any different in these picures? It should because my hair has started falling out :( Yes, by the handfulls. Just like I said it would.
I'm not bald yet, but at this rate I will be in about a month. Maybe 6 weeks.

April 22, 2011

In case you didn't know

It's Earth Day!!!

So, we enjoyed the earth today.

Still loving the pretty Texas wild flowers :)

He just woke up from his nap.

Look at this guy! Too cool for school! ;)

Is it just me, or did Earth Day get way more popular than it used to be? I don't ever remember acknowledging Earth Day until recently. But then again, I grew up in Germany and maybe they don't have it there. I seriously can't remember. How sad.

Also, I've been graduated from college for a WHOLE YEAR today! Yesss! 
I still feel like I'm on vacation and I love it :)

April 21, 2011

A lot of jean, a lot of blue and a lot of green!

We went on a picnic with Nicole and her adorable baby Jett!! Check out her pictures :)

These guys are so much fun!
We went off-roading with our strollers. We're cool moms like that.
And then we had lunch on my jean blanket in beautiful flowing grass :)

And then I squatted in that grass and tried for the life of me to get Cole to look at the camera.
Score. Kind of.

And then I took advantage of the fact that it was cool enough for him to wear his adorable jean jacket he got from Connie and I took a TON of pictures of him:

I just can't get over how cute he is in it!!

And lastly, we tried to get a group shot. This was not easy with 2 babies!!
We might not all be looking but at least we got us all in by the last shot :)

As you can see it took a few tries :)
Jett just wanted to touch Cole's head, it was so cute!

Anyway, I'm so glad we got a picnic in before the outrageous heat begins!! I'd been wanting to go on one!

April 20, 2011

I got new sunglasses.

For free! Because I finally got one of those $10 gift cards to Kohls in the mail! (EMMA!!!)

The only reason it's a big deal is because it's super hard for me to find sunglasses that look good on me. It's because I kind of have a small head. So those over sized sunglasses are like doubly over sized on me.

These aviators are still over sized but not quite as much as other ones there are out there.

The only thing is that Steve already had aviators. And they look exactly the same!!
So now we're all matchy-matchy.

Either that's really cute, because we're married.

Or that's really cheesy because we're married.

I guess I don't care; I'm keeping 'em!

(ps, I went on a picnic with Nicole today. so fun! I'll post pictures later! :)

April 19, 2011

Bubba Loooooba

We took Cole to the doctor today and found out that he is in the 90th percentile for his height!! I just don't even know how that happened! That would be so crazy if he really ends up being tall with the short parents that he has!

She also told us that we should probably lay him on his stomach more since the back of his head is kind of flat. We were like "Hmm, yeah, I guess it is kind of flat. We didn't even notice..."

Anyway, Cole is 4 months tomorrow!!! (wow!) He still loves to hold his hands (and suck on them):
(such a reverent little boy...)

And he found his feet!!

And I'm still working on getting him to smile for the camera again.
But he's cute anyway, right? :)

ps, the title is another one of Steve's nicknames for Cole.

April 14, 2011

It's finals week for Steve...

You know what that means:

Late nights and early mornings (for him, not me).

And looots of studying!

With Cole on his lap of course.
"And THIS is the muscle that makes you furrow your eyebrows when you're angry...."

Good thing Cole's in the stage where he just likes to be talked to otherwise I think he would be bored.out.of.his.mind.

In any case, I'm pretty sure this kid is going to grow up calling his

his finger...digital,
his neck...cervical,
his stomach...abdomen,
his eye....orbital,
his knee...patellar,
his wrist....carpal,
his bellybutton...umbilicus.

How adorable.

April 11, 2011

What have we been up to lately?!

We went to TGIF's twice. (anyone else get those $10 gift cards?)

Once with Emily Young, an old friend I knew in Germany.
And once with Bekah, Jordan and their nephew Ryan.

We made new friends!

With Nicole's little boy, Jett. So cute, right? :)
Jett is half a year older than Cole and they were delivered by the same doctor!!


While the guys were at Priesthood session.
And no, I didn't get anything.

And Pool-Time :)

That's right everyone. It is hotttt here in Texas already.
You can be jealous of our April temperatures. But I will be jealous of everyone else's temperatures next month.
ps, don't you love Cole's sun hat? I think it looks so cute on him :)

April 10, 2011

What they don't tell you about getting an epidural

All of you who have been pregnant and given birth with the epidural can probably relate to what I'm about to say. Those of you who haven't yet, well, here's what you have to "look forward" to:

I got the epidural and getting it wasn't sooo bad. Definitely nerve-racking but I got through it like everyone does. (I wrote all about it here) I was the one who read ALL the pregnancy books out there and not once was anything ever mentioned about your lower back hurting forever afterwards from where the epidural went in. Because yes, it still hurts. It feels like a bruise. It's been 3 months and it has improved, but at first, arching my back at all was out of the question. At one point it was so bad that I had to pull over while driving because my lower back was aching so bad. The girl who once rocked at doing handstands, could no longer stay up. No more back-bends, sit-ups, even picking up and holding Cole kind of hurt sometimes.
And then..... I started doing YOGA! I've gotten better and better with each time I've gone. The first time it was definitely HARD for me. It was pretty much the first exercise I'd done since having Cole. Some of the positions I couldn't do; it was just too hard on my back. Like for example the camel pose. It's pretty much like doing a back bend on your knees. Well everyone, I'd like to announce that at this past yoga class, for the first time since going, I was finally able to do it!!

So, if anyone has ever gotten the epidural and their lower back still hurts from doing it, yoga will heal you!!! Or at least improve it quite a bit :)

April 8, 2011

Toothpaste Art

Here's the thing about being married. I used to have a pink toothbrush. And Steve had a blue one. Typical, right? Well, they got old, so I bought us new ones except there were no more pink ones at the store. So I got myself a green one instead. The other day I saw my green toothbrush out by the sink. I never leave my toothbrush out. I always put it back in the cabinet after brushing my teeth. But Steve is more likely to leave his out by the sink; leave his out in the exact same place my green one was............And then I knew.................
EWW! Steve used my toothbrush!! 
So, what did I do? I got out his blue toothbrush and used his to get back at him!!!!! ha! (just kidding, I didn't do that, that would just be silly..)
Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but what do you think? Is this....

a) acceptable and to be expected since we're married?! Or
b) just plain gross?? Or
c) I should have known that green and blue can easily be mixed up especially when brushing your teeth in the dark?? Or
d) all of the above

Pink next time. Definitely getting a pink toothbrush next time. There are good things about being a typical married couple :)
In case anyone was wondering, smearing toothpaste is pretty fun. Cleaning up, not so much ;)
I just needed a picture of our toothbrushes to be a little more exciting and this is what I came up with :)

April 3, 2011

Laughing for Daddy this time!

Here's another video of Cole laughing.

I know our families love to watch these :)

April 2, 2011

A series of pictures: a typical family photo session

It's a weekday afternoon, the sheets are in the washing machine, so we're all cuddled in bed, tangled in a ton of different random blankets.
Steve is studying. Boo.

Me: "Hey! Let's take a picture since we're all right here!! Ok, one, two, THREE!"

Me: "Oops, I cut off your head. And you don't look very happy. But I look cute!! Let's try again."

Me: "One...two...three..."

Me: "Oh! I cut off both of our heads!! You do it this time!"

Me: "Babe, you covered the flash. And you're not really smiling. Do it again."

Me: "Oops!! You cut off Cole's head! One more time!"

Me: "We both look weird. And we both have double chins."

Me: "Ok, just one more time!"

Me: "Mmmm, I don't like this one either."

Steve: "Lauren!! I think this is as good as it's gonna get!"

Me: "Fine, go back to studying. I'll take pictures of the both of you."

Me: "So cute! You guys are studying together!!"

Me: "Look up and smile this time!"

Steve: "Ok, Lauren, I think that's enough."

Me: "Just a couple more.."

Steve: "Seriously Lauren!! That's enough!!"

Steve: "LAUREN!!!!"

Me: "K, I'm done.....almost."

Me: "Ok, I'm done. This one's perfect." :)

ps, they're really asleep :)