April 26, 2011

photoshoot with my baby :)

Lessons learned:
*Just don't go when it's too hot for him to stand it. This results in crying all the way home :( Poor thing.

*But if you do go when it's sunny, don't forget the sunscreen. Yikes!!

*Wait until he can at least sit up on his own. This will probably make things a whole lot easier.

*Or wait until he can look and smile at the camera, in which case it wouldn't really matter if he can sit up or not. The smiles would totally make up for it :)

*Do go with Lindsey and her cute baby, Max. Oh my gosh, he is the cutest, smiley baby.
Don't ask why I didn't get a picture of him; I don't know, I should have!

Oh and ps, does my hair look any different in these picures? It should because my hair has started falling out :( Yes, by the handfulls. Just like I said it would.
I'm not bald yet, but at this rate I will be in about a month. Maybe 6 weeks.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, Lauren! But I'm sorry it's falling out :( I couldn't tell. Really. And I looove your sandals! SO CUTE!

  2. My hair is falling out in clumps too!! It's awful. We had so much fun hangin with you and Cole. Next time we will know to take sunscreen. Let's go to the pool next!

  3. Love the pics! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

  4. such sweet photos!! before you know it your handsome Cole will be sitting and smiling for the pictures! :) And YES to sunscreen :)

  5. What a cute post! AND such a handsome, sweet baby! :D

    p.s. my hair fell out soooo much after my baby boy was about 5 months old...It was pretty awful. But don't be too sad, it will start growing back before you know it!

  6. I was thinking about you and Cole and the upcoming photoshoot, but I was more concerned about the Texas bugs, not the sun! Cute pics!

  7. We had the hardest time getting pictures of our kids when the were little. Lots of photos were done after or during bath when they were happy and rolling around on a blanket naked! ;)
    Looks like a beautiful day!