April 21, 2011

A lot of jean, a lot of blue and a lot of green!

We went on a picnic with Nicole and her adorable baby Jett!! Check out her pictures :)

These guys are so much fun!
We went off-roading with our strollers. We're cool moms like that.
And then we had lunch on my jean blanket in beautiful flowing grass :)

And then I squatted in that grass and tried for the life of me to get Cole to look at the camera.
Score. Kind of.

And then I took advantage of the fact that it was cool enough for him to wear his adorable jean jacket he got from Connie and I took a TON of pictures of him:

I just can't get over how cute he is in it!!

And lastly, we tried to get a group shot. This was not easy with 2 babies!!
We might not all be looking but at least we got us all in by the last shot :)

As you can see it took a few tries :)
Jett just wanted to touch Cole's head, it was so cute!

Anyway, I'm so glad we got a picnic in before the outrageous heat begins!! I'd been wanting to go on one!


  1. Hey, I just want to touch his head too! Looks like a fun picnic.

  2. how fun!! what a gorgeous picnic :) Your friend looks way sweet, and you both have such handsome little guys :) Yay for babies that give us challenges with taking photos!! Will help make us better "photographers" right? ;)

  3. I love that denim on him!

    And Lu, your hair is getting so long! I think mine is about that long now, too. Want to have a hair-growing contest?? :)

  4. Cole is SOOO cute and I love his jean jacket!

  5. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO glad to see him in that jacket -- he looks UH-dorable! Now you're getting me in the mood to do a picnic too.... hmmm

  6. looks like a ton of fun. I wanna go on baby picnic outings...Greg's gonna hear about this :) lol

  7. He looks so so cute in that jacket! And I like that Jean quilt too. ;)