April 30, 2014

My all-time favorite age.


My sweet Logan is five months old already! I've said it before and I'll say it again: this age, five months old, is just pure heaven. Of course I love my babies at all ages, but there's something so care-free and sweet about this age. I still only nurse him; I love not having to worry about feeding him baby food just yet. He will just sit in my arms and be completely content. There's never a moment of frustration or boredom because everything's so new to him, he's just fascinated by everything! I remember feeling exactly this way when Cole was five months old. The biggest difference between the two is that Logan can already roll over like a champ! He rolls everywhere! And he's practically sitting up already! And he kind of scoots already! It's so crazy to me. He's growing up so quickly but I still feel like I just had him. It's going on half a year now though and that just completely blows my mind.

Here are just a few things that I absolutely love about my five month old boy:

+He genuinely loves little baby toys!! It's the cutest thing ever to me. I love the way his face lights up when I hand him a toy to play with! I've already bought way more toys for Logan that I ever did for Cole at this age, just because he loves them so much. It's completely adorable :) I don't remember Cole liking toys that much! Especially not this young!

+I love love the way he reaches up to play with my hair when he's nursing. Without even looking his little hand reaches up to tug on my hair. And I just want to kiss his little hands all day long. It is the sweetest thing; I cherish it so much.

+Whenever he cries in his sleep I always go to put his pacifier back in to calm him down. The minute I walk in the room and say "shhhhhh" he immediately quiets down because just the sound of my voice soothes him ♥ And when I stick his paci back in, he always grabs hold of my hand with his two little hands and clutches on to me for dear life as if to say don't leave me!! And it always breaks my heart a little bit when I have to pry his little fingers off of me so that I can get stuff done while he's napping.

+Here's something kind of silly, but I absolutely love his name: Logan. It just fits him so perfectly, I've always thought so since the minute I saw him. I'm actually surprised that we haven't come up with any kind of nickname for him...we always just call him Logan and I love it so much. The reason why I initially liked the name when Steve and I were first talking about names was because it starts with the letter "L" which is my favorite letter, since, you know, my name starts with the letter "L" too ;) And the name Logan itself kind of sounds very similar to Lauren! That might just seem silly, but whenever I pictured Logan inside of me while I was pregnant, I always pictured him with blonde hair. I somehow just knew that he was going to be a little blondie and since I'm technically a blondie too, it only seemed fitting that both us blondies have similar names. Plus, I feel like he looks so much like me. It just fits and I love it and I love looking into his beautiful face and seeing me in him :)

He just makes me so incredibly happy, I thank God for him every single day. I love you sweet baby boy! Happy five months!

5 months and 1 week old. And so dang cute, it kills me  Love this smiley boy!

April 22, 2014

I'm such a lucky mama♥

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Seriously, I always tell people that I LOVE this age.

+He's all smiles
+He's not mobile so he can't get away from me just yet :)
+I'm his favorite person in the whole world right now ;)
+And he laughs at every single one of my jokes!

I love this boy. I'm so lucky to have my little Logan♥

ps, thanks Lissie for taking these pictures while we were in Utah :)

April 21, 2014



Aunt Emma got Cole that adorable backpack and when we were staying with them, he got to put it to good use and go to preschool with Annabelle three times! He absolutely LOVED it! Annabelle has the cutest little preschool class and the best teacher ever. (She was so sweet to let Cole join for those three weeks :) She always had the cutest activities and snacks and Cole seems to have remembered everything he learned. It made me want to start my own little preschool here in Washington. It would be a good way for me to actually teach Cole all the things he should probably learn before he goes to kindergarden!

We'll see if it that ever happens.... ;)

April 20, 2014

Cherry blossoms


Emma's backyard was pretty much perfect for these two kids. They spent so much time out there just playing and digging and climbing and imagining. And the cherry blossoms were a lovely bonus! I thought they were fitting since today is Easter. Happy Easter everyone!!

April 19, 2014

Annabelle + Cole


We are back from our trip to Utah and I have so many pictures that I want to share! Here are just a few from the first few days that we were there. Annabelle and Cole were best buds and it was so fun to watch them play! The first day we got there, they played the entire evening outside. We caught them taking off their clothes and going for a swim in the mini kiddie pool (even though there wasn't any water in it and it really wasn't warm enough for it outside....) And at the end of the day they took a bath since they were filthy. Emma overheard Annabelle say to Cole: "I love you, Cole." And he replied, "I love you too, Annabelle." Just about the sweetest thing ♥

Unfortunately later on during the trip they started to get sick of each other and Emma and I felt like we were breaking up fights more than anything but we won't go into all that ;) Let's just say that when you stay with your cousin for 3 weeks you start to be more like siblings than cousins ;) Either way I know they love each other and Cole definitely had a blast. I'm so glad they could spend this time together :)

April 10, 2014

This little heartbreaker.

We got to go swimming last minute up in Midway today! Cole is suddenly deathly afraid of the water so it was actually really easy to watch him ;)

We are currently in Utah visiting Emma since she just had baby Sawyer! This past weekend we were able to go up to Midway and swim in one of the resort's pools and it was fun! We hadn't been swimming since last summer so it'd been a while, obviously. Cole is somehow deathly afraid of the water now which actually made watching him really easy so I'm not really complaining. But one of these days he will have to learn how to swim for real so.....we will see how that goes when the time comes ;)

He spent most of the time sitting on that step right there but we did migrate into the warmer pool right next to it and when we did he walked himself over and sat on the step right next to this little group of kids/teenagers. There were a couple of cute girls about 13 or 15 years old with their younger brothers and they were talking about something....I couldn't hear a thing I just remember looking over and seeing him sitting with them just listening. And then I saw him chime in and then eventually they all started paying attention to him and talking to him. I could tell they thought he was a cute little boy which you know, he is ;) And they were probably wondering where he came from and what he was doing just sitting in on their conversation! I was just amazed at how comfortable he was talking to these kids he'd never met or seen before and especially since they were so much older! I think he liked the fact that they were cute girls and liked the attention ;) Soon they were all laughing and having a good time together and I just watched from across the pool.

He's a little heartbreaker. There's no question about it ;)