March 30, 2014

Tummy and toes!

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I am c r a z y for this boy! Here he is right out of the bathtub. He is four months old and I could seriously eat him up :) This past month, he found his toes, rolls over a ton both from front to back and vise versa, is super smiley and happy and loves to play with little toys. I love him so much!

And his little tummy?! Oh my gosh, it kills me.

March 28, 2014

Up since 4 am.

Life with a three year old. Whew. It's knocking me off my feet! I took this video of the boys at 8 am this morning. (For me, that's early and you can hear it in my voice.) Cole had been up since 4 am! This little video will give you a good idea of how active he is these days. He's turned into this little boy who loves to play with kids of all ages, is constantly humming/singing, talks to everyone at the playground and hates going to bed every. single. night.

He's a happy go lucky little thing and what I love about him is that it doesn't matter who you are or how old you are: he wants to play with you!

And Logan, well, he loves his big brother; you can see it in the way he looks at him and it melts my heart. I love my two boys and I don't know how I got so lucky to have them ♥

March 20, 2014

Best Friends.


I think Washington is so beautiful and I'm so happy to live here. We're also lucky to have made some friends. Cole loves his new friend Jack. They love each other and it's so fun to watch them play together. My friend Kara and I like to get our boys together and we'll meet at the little playground that's just down the hill. It's the perfect meeting spot and it's the perfect company! I'm so happy to have made some friends :)

There's been a couple times now where I'll be putting Cole to bed and I hear him whisper to himself "Jack is my best friend. I'm going to play with Jack tomorrow." Is that not the sweetest thing? Seeing him happy makes me happy.

ps, Happy first day of Spring!! I'm so ready for it :)

March 7, 2014

Little Logan is three months old!

^^In this last picture you can kind of see how he is curling up his tongue which is what he always does when he smiles really big! Gahh I can't handle it! It's like my favorite little thing that he does :)^^

Seriously?! I think my all time favorite thing to do is take beautiful pictures of my adorable kids! I never thought I would have such cute kids. Little Logan is now three months old! Three months of Logan heaven. He is a very sweet baby. He's very mellow and people comment on how mellow he is all the time because he hardly ever cries. Cole was so much like this as a baby too. When he does get sad/mad his cry starts out like this little baby dinosaur sound. It's this noise that seems to come from deep down in his throat! It almost sounds like he's just talking. He'll do that for a little bit and then if no one comes to his rescue, well then the real cry happens. He has a very endearing cry. It's all cute. Who knew that crying could be cute too?

At three months old, Logan coos, giggles and talks all the time. He loves being talked to and read to and smiled at. He almost always smiles back at anyone who starts talking and smiling at him :)

He is also legitimately ticklish. Every time I change him and pull his onesie over his head he always laughs because it tickles him under his neck and under his arms! Seriously though, I die every time it happens. I just love that he's ticklish.

He also already knows how to roll over. What?!? I definitely was not expecting that since I don't have him do tummy time nearly enough. But the other day I decided to put him on his stomach and he flopped right over. I thought it was maybe a fluke but he's done it 2 more times since so I guess it's safe to say that he can roll over. Crazy. Cole didn't roll over til he was almost 6 months old so yeah, it really surprised me! He'll be mobile before I know and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I want him to be my baby forever!!

March 5, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?!

His first snowman ⛄️ It might look more like a snow monster than anything else but he's very proud. :)His snowman is melting. ⛄️☀️This shot is from last week. The snow has all melted now!! As pretty as it was we're hoping it doesn't snow again til next winter! Come on Spring!!photo

His first snowman and his first snow angel. It rocks being three years old.

Eating Snow.

^^Goofy boy. He did not get the goofiness from me! Everyone knows I'm the last person to crack jokes ;)^^

I put eating snow in the same category as drinking your own bath water. Every kid does it but I still can't help but think it's kinda gross. These pictures are from Monday. Today's Wednesday and the snow has all melted now! We're crossing our fingers that it won't snow again til next winter because this little boy is really missing his play dates to the playground!