April 8, 2011

Toothpaste Art

Here's the thing about being married. I used to have a pink toothbrush. And Steve had a blue one. Typical, right? Well, they got old, so I bought us new ones except there were no more pink ones at the store. So I got myself a green one instead. The other day I saw my green toothbrush out by the sink. I never leave my toothbrush out. I always put it back in the cabinet after brushing my teeth. But Steve is more likely to leave his out by the sink; leave his out in the exact same place my green one was............And then I knew.................
EWW! Steve used my toothbrush!! 
So, what did I do? I got out his blue toothbrush and used his to get back at him!!!!! ha! (just kidding, I didn't do that, that would just be silly..)
Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but what do you think? Is this....

a) acceptable and to be expected since we're married?! Or
b) just plain gross?? Or
c) I should have known that green and blue can easily be mixed up especially when brushing your teeth in the dark?? Or
d) all of the above

Pink next time. Definitely getting a pink toothbrush next time. There are good things about being a typical married couple :)
In case anyone was wondering, smearing toothpaste is pretty fun. Cleaning up, not so much ;)
I just needed a picture of our toothbrushes to be a little more exciting and this is what I came up with :)


  1. hahah love that picture! Eh I think it's acceptable and gross. does that make any sense? no! ha

  2. Ughhhhh Brad and I go through this CONSTANTLY!!! He used to use my toothbrush and bath towel ALL THE TIME, and I could always tell for the exact same reason with the toothbrush (he leaves his out on the same spot by the sink) and with the towel, because he doesn't fold his, so I know if my bath towel is unfolded, he's used it. I find it gross, so I always tell him to stop doing it, but he just started doing it again this week! I started finding my toothbrush by the sink! Yuck.

  3. I think it's time for a new pink toothbrush!

  4. Phill freaks out at just the THOUGHT of anyone else using his toothbrush. :)

  5. Gross. :)

    We have certain colors:
    me = pink/red/yellow
    jus = green/blue

    And I always have a stash in my "food storage" for when the dentist gives us the wrong color. ;)

  6. Haha. You crack me up! This has definitely happened... I agree with mom: time for a new pink toothbrush!! ;) Love the toothpaste art. You're so cute.

  7. hihi cute idéa with the poothpaste! :D

  8. lol you crack me up Lauren. I say B and C haha. Go get your self a Pink one!

  9. haha LoVEd THiS PosT! :) there have been more than one occassion when we've traveled and I've been the one to forget my toothbrush...so we've totally shared. haha And to answer your question i say it's gross yet acceptable ;)