July 29, 2011

There's nothing quite like...

There's nothing quite like snuggling in bed in the afternoon....... because.....
it's freezing in your house...... because......
 you've cranked the AC allll the way up...... because........
 it's SO flippin' HOTTTTTTTT outside!!!

You know what I mean?

July 28, 2011

blowing spit bubbles

He learned something new :)

July 23, 2011

This weekend so far

Friday: We ran around and did some errands and heard One Republic's new song "Good Life" no less than FIVE TIMES on the radio.
(Did you hear Lissie's version on the sister's blog?! They did great!)

Friday night: We went to see Brittney perform in the play "Titanic."
She did awesome!! It was fun to watch, but sadly we had to leave after intermission because Cole wasn't handling the noise too well. We probably should have left him with a babysitter. We didn't think that one through too well.

Saturday (today): I left Cole home with Steve all day while I attended a photography workshop with Kalli Barker from church. She invited me last minute and I was able to swing it which I'm so glad that I did because I feel like I learned a lot! It was Sandy Puc's Creative Edge Tour and it was so informational. It was from 2pm to about 8pm so Steve met me at the convention center with Cole about half way through it so I could feed Cole. I really need to get that kid to start taking a bottle! Any tips, moms?

July 22, 2011

Love Lulu

I'm excited to say that I put together a little photography blog where I'll be putting up all the photoshoots that I do!! Marie helped me come up with a name for my photography.....
...and the name is....

So, what to you think? I love the name so much; I feel like it fits me perfectly :)

I also figured out how to do a watermark with the editing system I have. I don't know why, but it took me forever to figure out what I was doing wrong but I finally got it!

Here's a picture of a photoshoot I did with Bekah and Jordan (surprise.) last week. I called this shoot the "industrial" shoot because of the location:

IMG_1874 copy_wm

What do you think of the watermark? They're pretty easy to make so I might make a handful of them!

Anyway, you can see the rest of the photoshoot at

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)

July 19, 2011

Nighttime Walk

If you ever want to go outside for longer than 5-10 minutes here in Texas (and you're not going to the pool) you have to go after the sun goes down, which is what we did Sunday night. We left at about 9 and were gone for about an hour and we still came back sweaty!!
Cole got to ride in his stroller without his carseat.
He got bitten by some bugs (very small bites).
And we got drenched running through some sprinklers! (it felt so nice:)
I'd say it was an eventful little walk! :)

Some phone pics that's why they're SO dark:

If you want to know what we did Saturday night, check it out HERE.

July 16, 2011

Some Cole cuteness

Oh, you know, just some Cole cuteness :)

He loves that thumb!

And here's a video of him. I was trying to put him to sleep while at church in Arkansas. He wasn't having it so instead I just decided to film him. haha! It's not of anything particular, just for his grandparents to see mainly. and sorry it's sideways :/

July 15, 2011

Feeding Cole solids for the....third time.

Or at least trying to. He hates it!!!!!!

July 14, 2011

Our Thursday Afternoon

Today Cole and I ventured out into the sweltering heat to get out of the house. 
We sat out by the canals for maybe 5-10 minutes. Cole really liked it at first but then the heat just gets to you, you know? My phone said it was 104 degrees!!
Also, I don't think he really likes the feel of the grass on his skin. 
Anyway, isn't he looking less like a little baby and more like a little boy? Well, I guess besides the pacifier. That thing is in his mouth 24-7. It might be a little struggle weening him from it eventually......
But I feel like he's getting so big! And looooong!
My baby!! 


I made this bracelet today:

Cool hu? And it was super easy!


I painted my nails twice in two days!!What!
(I think I need a manicure.)

This week on Notes She Wrote I posted about painting my nails. That was before I was able to figure out the newspaper nails. It was definitely trial and error but Bekah and I were able to figure it out the other night. Finally. I will be updating the sister's blog on it soon!!

I also did a photoshoot of Bekah to share on here soon! I just need to edit them! And there are a couple funny stories to go along with it :)

July 13, 2011

Gisel and Nate

IMG_09231IMG_0656 copyIMG_0675IMG_0728IMG_0728 copy1IMG_0797IMG_0824IMG_0894IMG_0850

Gisel and Nate.
Married 3 years.
Aren't they so cute?
They were so fun to photograph!
They were such naturals in front of the camera!!
Seriously, you guys should be models ;)

July 6, 2011

The Willow Tree

IMG_1491IMG_1529 copyIMG_1493 copy
IMG_1522 copy

I'd been wanting to take pictures by a willow tree. We found a park the evening of the 4th that had a willow tree so I experimented a bit. I wanted to get some shots peeking through the willow leaves hanging down. I'm not exactly in love with how it turned out. But I am in love with my husband and baby :) They're always fun to take pictures of because they're so cute together :)

July 5, 2011

The evening of the fourth

IMG_1574 copyIMG_1573 copy

We actually drove back from Arkansas on the 4th of July and we got home around 7 pm. So we took Cole to the park that evening and took some pictures by the willow tree and by those little sunflowers :)

(You can see more pics of me and baby boy HERE along with a good smoothie/shake recipe.
Emma also posted a YUMMY cookie recipe and Lissie posted about her and our two brothers who are the only ones living at home not that the rest of us have been living in the States for some time now. They are SO CUTE!)

And then that evening, once the sun went down and Cole was asleep, Steve and I shot bottle rockets into the canal by our house. It was the perfect ending to our little holiday :) Happy 4th of July!! 

trip to Arkansas!

Noteworthy things from our 4th of July stay in Arkansas:

* actually being honked at twice. Apparently this never happens in Arkansas!!

* picking up on the southern drawl (well, Steve, not me) which, according to Jordan's grandparents isn't a drawl at all. It's just plain "hick."

* fried okra. Yum! I'd never had it before. Actually, I'd never heard of it before!

* a group of very dirty, sweaty, shirt-less guys pushing their broken down truck off the interstate and cutting us off.

* loooooots of dogs! Dogs that destroy shoes and pillows ;)

* naps. We had lots of lovely naps :)

* getting my hair done! I love it! Thanks Bekah!

* exploring downtown Fort Smith a bit. It has an old feel to it which I thought was cool!

* hearing Bekah's dad tell us about his adventures of working in the morgue when he was young. As Jordan put it: "It was an Arkansas version of Pirates of the Caribbean" complete with gypsy fights, digging up bodies and "Molton," the black man who helped out at the morgue too.  

* Night time swimming :) It was hot hot HOTTT in Arkansas!

Let me sum it up: We had FUN!