September 30, 2014

Babies are messy.


Cute and messy. That just about sums it up.

10 months old!

IMG_853410 months!110 months!IMG_8562bwIMG_8534bw

This boy just steals my heart! He is 10 months old! And he is full on walking now! Practically running I feel like! He has just learned everything so fast! I can hardly handle it. He also learned how to throw balls and he babbles a lot. I'm pretty sure he wishes he was a big kid like his big brother because he's always trying to be in the middle of the action. Add that on top of walking, he kind of gets hurt a lot now :/ In general though, he is a really happy baby, who will almost always smile at anyone who talks to him :) He also learned to point but is still working on clapping! Steve says he's seen him do it but I still haven't ever seen it!

People are always commenting on how big and blue his eyes are! They really are! Just like his brother's :) 2 more short months and he will be one. I can't believe it. Love you Logan man!

10 months old today! He prefers walking over crawling, he learned how to throw balls this past month, he babbles a lot and he has the cutest curly/frizzy hair (did he get that from me?! ) I love him so much. ❤️ Happy 10 months to this beautiful boy!In their matching hoodies allll day long. This happy little face makes me happy.

September 19, 2014

Labor Day!


We spent Labor Day with Steve's family and Johnny's family at their lake house on Newman Lake. That place is pretty magical and they even have an indoor pool where we were able to warm up after getting in the cold lake! They also have one of those huge floating mat things, called iFloats, which are a TON of fun. Cole was a disaster by the end of the day. Too much fun + no nap = cranky kid. So we were the first to leave. But it was a blast. Thanks to the Dibbles for having us!

^^Some fun ones from my phone ;))^^

September 17, 2014

9 months old.


Oh Logan, you are such a beautiful baby ♥ The biggest thing that has happened this month is that he learned how to walk at 9 and a half months!! He still a little wobbly, but still, he can take about 5-8 steps at a time and I'm seriously in awe! He has grown up so so so fast. It's amazing how different each child is.

This month his hair has gotten quite a bit longer, but only on the sides! I love love LOVE his hair! The curls are the cutest thing to me. And after he wakes wake up from his naps, his hair is always crazy looking and frizzy from sleeping all over it haha. But when it gets wet, it turns into little spiral curls and dries that way too. I could die, I love it so much!

Another thing that he's started this month is he always makes this cute little humming noise when I lay him down in his crib for bed. He loves to snuggle up in the covers and sleep on his tummy. I always stroke his face before I leave the room and he hums back as if to say he's really comfortable. Or maybe it's his way of saying he loves me? ;) Either way, it's sweet.

Actually in general, Logan is still a very cuddly, snuggly little thing, especially when he's tired. Whenever there's a pile of clothes or pillows or blankets on the ground, he always knows just what to do with them: he lays his little head on it. It's adorable. :)

I love you sweet boy!

I spy some cute little teeth and some cute little curls. ☺️ I love it all!Steve always gets the best smiles out of him :)

September 7, 2014

Anniversary getaway ♥


We'd been talking about celebrating our 5 year anniversary at the resort in Coeur d'Alene ever since we were still in school. School would eventually end. We had to remind ourselves of that a lot when we were still students and we knew that our 5 year anniversary would be the first to celebrate when school was all over and done.

And it finally came true! We were able to leave the kiddos with their grandparents and we spent the night in the funnest "honeymoon suite" at the resort. Having mirrors all over our room was a nice little touch! Not to mention the view! We felt like we were on vacation, even if it was only for one night. We felt young again. It was simply perfect. I'm so happy we were able to do it!

(And I got the best night's sleep ever! Gosh I miss that.)

UntitledSteve and I were able to leave the kiddos with their grandparents and go on a belated anniversary getaway to the resort and it was beyond perfect in every way!! (I haven't slept that well in a long time!) We've kind of gone crazy for our five year but it'

Surprise Anniversary Date!

^^Sighhhh. It's so perfect here in the summer.^^

IMG_8202IMG_8192Surprise Anniversary date!
^^Showing off my new chopped cut and my new necklace Steve got me for our anniversary! I loooove it!!^^


I'm awful at surprises, I really am. But when we decided to push back our anniversary getaway for a couple weeks, I knew that I wanted to do something simple on our actual anniversary day. And I wanted it to be a surprise! I had been telling Emma that the 5 year anniversary was the "wood" anniversary (I have no idea who came up with this random list but every year gets its own "thing.") Emma suggested we carve our initials into a tree, which seemed liked such an obvious thing to do; I don't know why I didn't think of it! I thought it was a perfect idea, so I had Steve's parents take the kids for the afternoon and I stole Steve away.

I didn't tell him where we were going and I think he really liked it. I think guys like not being the ones in charge every once in a while. I think he also liked the suspense of it all since I never surprise him. Like ever. We drove to Coeur d'Alene since we're all sentimental about that place ;) and I took him on a little hike without ever telling him exactly what we were doing.

I had packed my trusty little swiss army knife that I've had since I was about 10 years old and that is so dull, it's pretty pathetic. When I finally found the right tree, I told him what we were doing and basically had him do all the work :) After carving our initials, which is harder than you would think, I had him sit down and read this blog post because he hadn't seen it yet. He got all teary eyed, hugged me and kissed me and told me he would never forget this anniversary. I know I'll never forget it either. I remember having this feeling: where we were, right there and then, it was exactly where I was supposed to be. It just felt so right to be with him there, doing something as cliche as carving our initials into a tree. I had this feeling like I was right on track with my life. There was no where else I would have rather been and there's no one else I'd rather spend my life with.

So happy I could share this memory with you, Steve. ♥