October 27, 2010

Carved Pumpkins

I wonder how many families out there carved pumpkins for FHE this past Monday. Well, we were one of them and here are our creations:

We recruited our friends Brittney and Greg to join in on the fun

Here they are:

Steve's, Mine, Brittney's, Greg's

a little goblin. Steve was so proud of his because the whole time he was carving it, it looked like nothing. So, we were pleasantly surprised with how it turned out :)

rainbows and unicorns and sparkles and flowers :) I couldn't help it, I had to do a unicorn 

GO RANGERS!! Brittney is a Rangers fan :)

This is a haunted house on a hill under a moonlit sky. Nice work, Greg!

And then yesterday I cut up my pumpkin because I was determined to make homemade pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin. It turned out to be quite the ordeal. It took the whole day just to make the pumpkin moosh. And Steve wouldn't let me cut up his. He was too proud of it. So now our house smells like pumpkins. And I'm kind of getting sick of it.

October 21, 2010

Our days

The days of Steve and Lauren have consisted of Steve leaving for school every day at about 6:30 am! yikes, very early. He's been doing pretty well but I think he'd tell anyone that school is a lot harder than he thought it would be.

I've been in charge of pretty much all of his meals. If I didn't make sure he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner he would never eat! So I've been cooking a lot! I feel like the ultimate house wife. I mean, I even make our own bread!! But that's only because we just don't like any of the bread they have to offer here in Texas.

On top of that, I've been babysitting like crazy. There's a lady here from the Congo who recently joined the church. When the Relief Society president asked people to volunteer to watch her kids so she could take an English class Monday through Thursday, I signed up because I thought, hey, I have a lot of free time. I mentioned that I speak "a little French" (that's exactly how I phrased it because I do know a LITTLE) and I thought my little bit of French would help when babysitting these kids. Turns out the little girl knows English pretty much fluently already and doesn't need to be spoken to in French. And the other one is 5 months old so she doesn't talk yet anyway.
Well, when the Relief Society found out that I speak "a little French" she continued to ask me what I majored in at BYU. I said, Linguistics and TESOL. And people seem to have a misconception that Linguistics means you know a million languages fluently, which some really do but not necessarily. Anyway, they made me her visiting teacher along with another girl who really does speak French fluently, thank goodness!! So, this past month or so I've gotten a feel for what it's like to be on a foreign speaking mission! I prepare little visiting teaching messages in French and my companion will nudge me when it's my turn to talk :) I'm like the little junior companion. I even bore my testimony on the spot in French this week! I never thought I could do that! Although a little bit stressful, it's been kind of fun to relearn some French. I definitely read it and write it better than I speak it, but I guess who doesn't right? Speaking skills is kind of the most important when it comes to knowing another language. So this is good for me.

So I've been babysitting and speaking French. We've made some friends in the ward who are all about dinner dates so we've been doing a lot of that too which is way fun :) Last week was game night at our place. We played "Scene It." Steve and I LOST  because we have by far seen the fewest movies out of these guys. Especially Steve. He likes like ZERO movies. Last night was fondue night at our friends house and we watched the new Robin Hood (one that Steve actually does like..) We're just trying to enjoy these little evenings while we still can because they're pretty much over once the baby comes. And no one will invite us to stuff anymore anyway once the baby comes.

I'm still reading my baby and pregnancy books like crazy! Right now I'm reading "Childbirth Without Fear" by Grantly Dick-Read. It was written way back in the 40s and he's all about natural childbirth which wasn't so hot back then but it makes the book really interesting. I'm so curious as to what childbirth is like, I just want him to come already!! Exactly 2 months to go.

Well, Steve passed out at 9 pm tonight. Time for me to go to bed!

October 8, 2010

A pointy tummy

29 weeks!

Well, it seems the baby and I have had a growth spurt! Look how pointy my tummy is now! It seems it can't get any bigger but we have 2 1/2 more months to go and that's when the baby grows the most. :S

Ok everyone. Tell me what you think. Steve and I both like the name Parker for our baby boy but Parker is also the name of the school Steve goes to right now: Parker College of Chiropractic. Does it matter? The whole ward refers to all the students that go to this college as "Parker students." And the school itself is always referred to as "Parker." So, the name Parker is in our vocabulary quite a bit right now.

We'll probably still name him Parker no matter what because it's not like there's a runner up or anything. But I want to hear what people think. So please let me know!

Oh, and ps, the hospital where this little guy will be delivered at is on Parker Rd. HAHA.

October 5, 2010

Family Foto-shoot

I know some of you have already seen all of these on my sister's blog but I wanted to post them on mine too!

Marie-Photographie is so good at what she does! Look at these beautiful family pictures she took of Steve's family:

Thank you Marie! We love them :)