April 29, 2011

Wearing white to a wedding

So, did you watch the Royal Wedding?

I didn't, but I saw some pictures (on everyone's blogs) and I read this article about Kate Middleton's sister, the maid of honor, Pippa (is that really her name??) and how she wore an all white dress to her sister's wedding.
They said that "etiquette experts consider it bad form for anyone but the bride to wear white on the wedding day."

I have to admit that I was confused when I first saw her, thinking it was Kate because of her white dress.

But really, I thought that it was perfectly fine that she wore white! And I thought it looked great!
That's probably because all of my bridesmaids wore white at my wedding.
I've always thought it looked classy :)

(Some pictures I posted before....)

What is it about weddings that makes us girls love them soooo much?!


  1. I think Pippa is a nickname for Philippa. And I like how she wore white --gorgeous!

  2. Lisa is correct. Your wedding photos are lovely.

    I think that with all the colors in the church, and with the little girls wearing that color, it was probably the best choice.

  3. I think Pippa and Kate are so pretty! And I think Pippa is an adorable short name for Philippa. And yeah, I thought it was a little confusing that she was in white, but I also thought it looked really nice.

  4. Love the pis from your wedding :) I love weddings! :) I didn´t either see the royal wedding :)

  5. I love your bridesmaids' dresses! I think it was absolutely beautiful--and I LOVED Pippa's dress, and of course Kate's....I spent waaay too long watching the whole thing, pausing, rewinding, slow-motion, the whole event. :)

  6. I actually thought of you and your wedding when I saw Pippa come out in white! I agree, if the bride wants it, then who's to say it's poor etiquette? I thought your wedding looked very classy.

  7. It might be "poor etiquette" in the States for other members of the bridal party to wear white at the wedding, but within circles of royalty, its been a long standing tradition. Just as we might have grown up being told its "bad luck" for anyone else to wear white at the wedding, a princess marrying into a monarchy was told it was bad luck not to. It was customary for the bride to dress all her maids-in-waiting in white to ward off evil spirits. That was hundreds of years ago, but its still remained a fashion staple for royal weddings such as Kate and Williams, or Diana and Charles.
    I think it makes an absolutely Beautiful statement in a wedding! the elegance and sophistication that an all white bridal party presents....Not to mention, a royal history behind the trend.