November 3, 2017

Halloween 2017!

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A storm trooper, a ninja turtle and a baby dinosaur!! The cutest I've ever seen! I have definitely gotten out of the habit of the family costumes :/ But oh well. It gets harder as the family gets older and as your kids start having opinions haha. Cole knew he wanted to be a storm trooper and Logan knew he wanted to be a ninja turtle so I didn't fight. Their costumes looked pretty dang cute on them so I didn't mind. And it just made sense for Crew to be a dinosaur since that was the theme of his birthday party the week before.

Steve and I were "party animals" LOL. No body really got it but oh well. We just needed something simple to dress up as to go to our friends annual Halloween party. It was fun and we went trick or treating through our neighborhood from their house. It was all fun and games until we lost Cole for about 10 minutes and I was so worried! I know I've said it before, but Cole has a great sense of direction and knew where he was going the whole time! He had just run ahead with one of his friends and lost the rest of us. When his friend realized that they were lost he started crying and Cole told him to just say a prayer but Cole says that they were never able to say a prayer because his friend was crying too much haha. I was just proud of him for thinking to say a prayer in his time of need. He is such a sweet a boy and I love him so much ♥

Happy Halloween!!!! It's always been one of my favorite holidays!

November 2, 2017

A very special 31st birthday!

 ^^I love that Crew and I will always be birthday buddies♥^^

My parents came to visit us for my birthday and for Crew's first birthday too! It was so much fun!! I had my mom to myself for the whole week leading up to my birthday and my dad came on the weekend before and the weekend of my birthday and we just had a blast! We were trying to remember the last time that we had celebrated my birthday together and we figured out that it was when I turned 19!! CRAZY! I guess that's just how it is when you become an adult ;)

In the morning, my mom made us a delicious birthday breakfast: German pancakes which I haven't had in so long! Even my boys loved it. And everyone went around the table and said what they loved about me. Steve and my parents are so thoughtful and I remember thinking how nice it was so know that I was loved by these people that I love so much!

After Crew's little birthday celebration here at home, we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner (my favorite!) with Steve's parents. We came home and had homemade pumpkin pie that my mom made! She even steamed the pumpkin herself and made the pumpkin puree and it was seriously amazing! And she made me brownies!! I wasn't kidding when I said she spoiled me rotten. Having my parents live in the states now has been such a dream come true.

My parents were also able to be here for the boys' primary program. It was Logan's first time and he did such a good job! I was so proud of him. He went right up to the pulpit and clearly said his line that he memorized. And it wasn't a short line either! It was longer than Cole's! Sometimes I am just so amazed with my kids because I know they didn't get their bravery from me. I'm pretty sure I was the kid in sunbeams who refused to go up to the pulpit haha. Cole did a great job too. We are so proud of him because he sang all the songs so well and he is setting such a great example for Logan to follow.

On my parents' last day here, we went to Liberty Lake County Park for a little nature walk. We didn't get too far because I don't have a hiking backpack to put Crew in and he wasn't loving being in the sling. But the weather was just perfect and could not be beat. Spokane in the fall is heavenly.

My mom says that she plans to make it a tradition to come stay with my the week of my birthday every year! Wouldn't that be amazing!! I seriously feel so lucky. I have wonderful family all around me; I could not be more blessed ♥

October 30, 2017

The Wild ONE!


We threw Crew the cutest little dinosaur first birthday party on Saturday! My mom helped me put it all together and I thought it turned out great! What you can't really see in the pictures is that Crew is wearing the cutest dinosaur onesie. It was so fun to watch him crawl all over the place like a real life baby dinosaur haha. 

Both my parents and Steve's parents were able to be there for the little celebration. There was yummy food, cake, ice cream and cupcakes! Lots of fruit, fruit dip and chips and guacamole! And lots of presents to open! I mainly got Crew new balls to play with. I think like three total. He looooves balls and love to crawl around chasing them. It is so classic boy and I love it so much.

Happy first birthday to our cute Crew!

October 26, 2017

My baby is ONE ♥


Some of my favorite pictures from the last 12 months ❤️ This was definitely the fastest year of my life! It was so much fun celebrating our Crew yesterday on his first birthday. He got birthday waffles in the morning with sprinkles on top! And we kept it really classy and took him to the play place at the mall 😂 He absolutely loved it; it was so fun to watch him speed crawl through that place 😉 He took an almost 4 hour nap when we got home and then in the evening we sang to him and he had a bowl of apple crisp (that my mom made from our barely picked apples!) and vanilla ice cream and he ate it all up! We adore this little boy. He was always meant to be a part of our family and it's been one of the happiest years of my life being his mama. Happy first birthday to my baby boy! Now let's celebrate him all over again this weekend 😂