July 1, 2018

Cole at 7 and a half!


This little boy has been up to so much! Seven and a half! He will be 8 before we know it and it just blows my mind a little bit!

June 30, 2018

Summer 2018 family pictures!

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My sis so graciously took our family pictures for us while she was visiting this month and I just love them! These are probably some of my favorite family pictures to date :) I love the colors and the simplicity of everything and I immediately printed them out and hung them in our house because family pictures become dated so quickly! You really gotta show them off before they seem outdated, am I right?!

And I edited these differently than I've ever edited anything. I normally don't like grainy-ness but I thought I would switch it up a little bit.

Thanks Marie, for taking these. You are the best!!

April 22, 2018

Crew's first day of nursery


Crew was so cute on his first day of nursery. We asked him "Do you want to go to nursery? Do you want to play with friends? Do you want to play with toys?" And he nodded enthusiastically! We walked right in and started playing and never even looked around to see if I was going to stay. And that was that! He is so big already! And so much like his brothers; no hesitation whatsoever going into nursery. I think he felt so happy that he finally had something to do other than sit with me in primary!

I love that sweet boy so much. And that sweet face. The cutest ever. I'll never understand how I got such cute kids. ♥

April 9, 2018

Easter and Conference in Gig Harbor!


We drove over to my parents' house to spend conference and Easter weekend with them. Steve stayed for the weekend and then I he flew home so that the rest of us could stay for the whole week since it was Cole's spring break! We packed a lot into one week! Park play dates, walks through the mossy woods, shopping, children's museum.

And at the end of the week Juju had her baptism. Unfortunately I had to stay home with Crew who caught a bug from the children's museum the day before. I was really bummed to miss it but he was so sick and we did not want to get any of the other kids sick!

I'm always so happy when my boys can spend time with their cousins! They are so lucky to have so many fun cousins to play with on both sides of the family! ♥