March 3, 2018

Skiing videos

Skiing at Lookout!


It was Cole's third time ever skiing and he did so great! What I loved about seeing him up there on the slopes was how he was never afraid! Well, I loved & hated it at the same time because he was fearless and would do all these crazy things haha. Well Cole was at his lesson, Steve and I were able to get some one on one time skiing together. Like a date! It was fun. I love doing stuff like that with Steve ♥

We won't be back on the slopes until next winter so I hope that Cole doesn't forget all he's learned!

February 27, 2018

Sunny San Diego

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We were able to escape to sunny San Diego for the weekend! Ironically, the hottest it got there was about 67 degrees haha. But we were still happy because that was way warmer than what it was here at home lol. We went to Sea World, the San Diego temple, the Mormon Batallion museum, Balboa Park, and the BEACH! Ocean Beach to be exact. It was a nice little escape from winter here in Spokane. And it was special because the whole purpose of the trip was to do Amachi's temple work in the San Diego temple on Yvonne's birthday. It was a special day!

February 18, 2018

A GIANT Snowman!


Our friends invited us to go sledding with them right here in Liberty Lake this weekend! The boys had so much fun, even Crew LOVED every minute of it! As he gets older I'm realizing how much he loves to be outside! His cute little grin melted my heart every time he went sledding down the hill. He would even try to scoot down by himself without any sled or any help haha.

And when we were done sledding, the snow was the perfect kind of wet snow to build a GIANT snowman! I don't think I've ever seen a bigger one! Thanks to the men! Haha. My contribution was my scarf :)

Aaaaand I think we are now officially all snowed out haha.

February 17, 2018

Brrr, it's cold outside!

^^Exploring downtown Spokane! Cole had been wanting to check out the falls for a while so we finally did it last month!^^
^^Crew, I LOVE YOU!^^


It's the coldest time of year and although we love the snow, the lack of sun can be a little much!! SO to spice things up, we went hiking on Mt. Spokane with our Bishop and his wife. It was so beautiful!! I also got my hair cut, FINALLY and I decided to get bangs!! AHH! I actually love it! It's a little more maintenance to take care of it but it's been a fun change.

And Steve got me the sweetest necklace and tulips for Valentine's Day. We are just chugging our way through February ♥ Just a teensie bit ready for warmer weather ha! Luckily we are heading to San Diego next week!!! Cant wait for some warmth.