April 20, 2011

I got new sunglasses.

For free! Because I finally got one of those $10 gift cards to Kohls in the mail! (EMMA!!!)

The only reason it's a big deal is because it's super hard for me to find sunglasses that look good on me. It's because I kind of have a small head. So those over sized sunglasses are like doubly over sized on me.

These aviators are still over sized but not quite as much as other ones there are out there.

The only thing is that Steve already had aviators. And they look exactly the same!!
So now we're all matchy-matchy.

Either that's really cute, because we're married.

Or that's really cheesy because we're married.

I guess I don't care; I'm keeping 'em!

(ps, I went on a picnic with Nicole today. so fun! I'll post pictures later! :)


  1. awww that's SO cute that you match. I have aviators that were way too expensive. I love them although I secretly want my fiance's sunglasses I bought him- Ray Bans! ha

  2. great shades! :) i am sort of a sunnies hoarder. i have soo many pairs that i buy from the beach vendors by our place.

  3. Next time we go shopping you need to find me some sunglasses b/c I have the same problem. My head is too small! Those look cute on you, btw!

  4. Okay, Lauren, they look cute but still just a little too big!

  5. We have the opposite problem. Hats never look good on me because of my big head! Maybe we should trade -- hats not heads! You can have all my hats/I'll take all of your sunglasses!

  6. It's way cute! I LOVE AVIATORS :) Last summer I lost a pair similar to yours...that was a sad day. You look great with them!

  7. Mom, you're funny! Those sunglasses look soooo good on you!