September 23, 2010

Coeur d'Alene

While in Spokane we got to go to Coeur d'Alene a couple times which is only 30 minutes from Spokane. We got our picture taken to compare with this:

This was the day after our wedding. We came here and walked around and then the next day we flew out to San Diego
Here we are a year later! Not sure why our camera turns everything blue now...

The whole family came out for a family picnic, volleyball and swimming:

super fun :)

And on our last day in Spokane I got my haircut:

I knew it needed a cut (because I hadn't even gotten a trim since my wedding!!) but I was sad to do it because I've always wanted looong hair. But I'm happy with the cut :) It's a lot bouncier now and definitely a lot healthier. Thanks to my mother in law for doing it :)

And then Amachi took us all to dinner:
Thanks Amachi!!

We had a wonderful stay and miss everyone already!

September 21, 2010

Half way to 50

August 30th was Steve's 25th birthday. We "surprised" him which included the whole family piling into the Yukon and Steve and I driving Aunt Kay's car back to Montana. She lives about 2 hours away. Steve said he wanted to do something adventurous while we were on vacation and so this was about as adventurous as it got:
My Aunt Kay lives right on the river and she pulled out her kayaks and let the older boys kayak down the river

And they're off!

The rest of us gave the boys a head start and then we drove down to the place where we could meet up with them and swim around in the river. Even though it was still August, it was barely 70 degrees that day. So yeah, it was COLD! I don't think I would have normally gotten in the water, but after spending the summer in hot HOT Texas, I'd been craving any kind of cold and so I thought I would try to get my fill of it before having to come back. 

Not the best quality pic but yes, I'm making that face because it's FREEZING! Aunt Kay just jumped right in and so I started walking in and then as it I got deeper and deeper and it got colder and colder I wondered out loud "Is this ok for my baby??" I don't want him freezing to death. But Aunt Kay assured me it was fine :)

The boys met up with us and Steve refused to get in the water and swim with me! Too cold for him. So the three of them skipped rocks for seriously an hour! They loved it :)

Look at these guys! What a cute family :)

We came home and Aunt Kay made us hot chocolate to warm us up before dinner. yum! Everyone had chills from the cold water.

At the dinner table. We made Steve's favorite: lasagne! Aunt Kay made bread and a salad.

She also made Steve's bday cake: lemon meringue pie, which is also his favorite and a chocolate cake:

Happy birthday!

Us being silly!

And then afterwards we came out and skipped rocks..again!

Then we had to say goodbye :( Thanks Aunt Kay for making Steve's bday a special one!

September 20, 2010

Getting BIGGER!

The little guy is growing bigger and bigger and just kicking away and at the same time making me bigger and BIGGER.

Besides giving me heart burn pretty bad at nights, this second trimester was pretty much a breeze compared to the first. But today marks the beginning of the third trimester. All the pregnancy books describe this trimester as "uncomfortable" and "back pain." So I'm a little nervous about it. Plus, it is also the last trimester which is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time! Because in 3 months I will have a little baby!

Wearing a baggier shirt to accommodate THE BELLY
This is about 27 weeks

Getting ready for the little guy has been pretty fun though. This past weekend we went out and bought the baby furniture (crib, car seat, stroller, bouncer..). And a couple weeks ago we went to some yard sales to see if we could find any good deals. All I found was this:

This cute picture frame was only a dollar and the colors match perfect for the nursery that we're decorating blue and red. And plus the teddy bears are adorable. So, as long as I can help it, that will be the theme for the baby room: teddy bears :)

September 16, 2010

A baby shower of my own

While in Spokane, one of the many things that my mother in law, Yvonne did for me while I was there was throw me a baby shower!! It was so sweet of her and everything turned out so nice!

I don't think most pregnant people have a baby shower this early in pregnancy but this is just how it turned out because we're not coming back to Spokane again before the Parkster arrives.

Here everyone is hurrying about setting things up with balloons and yummy food which Marie, Alyse and Yvonne made!

Beautiful Marie with her precious baby :)

All the nice people who came:

Seriously, everyone was so sweet!

Alyse was in charge of the games. For one of the games we had about 5 minutes to combine the letters in my name and in Steve's name to come up with a new name for baby boy. Seriously, I came up with ONE name: Lars, which, no, we will not use. But Marie quickly whipped out like 15. haha. I blame me being completely brain dead sometimes on pregnancy of course;)

Look at all those presents for little Parker :)

This is one of the only pictures I have of me opening presents but this one is a quilt my friend Deborah made me and then had it shipped to Spokane so I could open in there. She MADE this quilt! I love it and we've decided to decorate the nursery these colors. Beautiful.

Here are some other hand made gifts that I just love:

My mother in law made this beautiful blessing blanket! I love it so much and can't wait to use it. I love the blue ribbon, so pretty :) Thank you:)

And Marie made these adorable hats!! I can just picture Parker in them. Look at those teddy bear cute!

And Marie also got him this cute little outfit. Steve has a sweater just like it so they can match!

There's something so fun about opening gifts for your little baby. It was so much fun for me and makes me so excited for the little guy to arrive. :) Thanks to everyone who has been so generous and sent us gifts! I'm so grateful to everyone!

Angel Face

We were lucky enough to go to Spokane and see Steve's family at the end of August.

Steve and Craig drove the whole way from Dallas to Spokane in Craig's car...which took more than THREE days. That's partly because on their third day of driving, they sadly got a flat tire when they were only 100 miles from Spokane! That was a little disheartening for them but luckily the flat happened only about 30 miles from my Aunt Kay's house in Montana and she was able to come pick them up and put them up for the night (which was very sweet of her) and then the next day she lent them one of her cars and they drove the remaining 100 miles home that morning.

And I happily just flew Southwest those 2000 miles:)

It was so fun to see Steve's family again! Some we hadn't seen since December! And also my older sister Marie drove from Seattle to see us :) She brought her little baby, Juliette, who is about as old as I am pregnant, almost 6 months now.

Look at that angel face

Meeting uncle Steve for the first time

I'm her "Aunt Lulu" ;)

playing with her toes

chewing her fingers

with Amachi

While Marie was there, she took family pictures of Steve's family which was so nice of her and way fun for us. It was fun for the girls at least because we got to go through everyone's wardrobes and pick out coordinating outfits :) And afterwards the whole family went to The Old Spaghetti Factory! So fun.

We look like a little family but no, this little one is not ours..:)

My pretty sister in law, Alyse

my other pretty sister, Marie.

-the brothers- and my mother in law waiting for our table

Juliette wouldn't look, but I like how my hair looks long in this pic :)
The red flower in my hair is a project Marie taught me while she was there. I made like two, but Marie and Alyse were like factories and made tons which turned out really cute!

Sunday morning. beautiful girls!

Marie and Juliette left after church that day :( I had so much fun with them! I won't see them again til I have a little baby with an angel face of my own :)