April 27, 2011

Now that Easter has come and gone

And now that I've seen on everyone's blogs and facebook all the cute Easter baskets they got for their kids, I'm officially embarrassed to admit that NO, the Easter bunny did not come to our house this year. It has nothing to do with Cole, I guess he just has naughty parents.

We were at the grocery store on Friday and right as we were finishing up Steve said to me:

"So, don't we need to get something for Cole for Easter?"

"Seriously, babe? For a 4 month old? I don't think so...." 
(I'm such a brat sometimes...;)

Come to find out everyone else got their babies Easter baskets. It's not like you do it because you think they're really going to appreciate it but more because you want to be a good parent, right?!

Thank goodness we snapped this picture last Saturday before going to do a service project in the park. Because at least I can say now that we took Cole to see the Easter Bunny. Even if it was for like 3 seconds.
Yeah, he wasn't really into it.

But I can feel like a good mom now. Kind of. 


  1. aww that's a cute bunny! Our bunny was so scary! I didn't get anything for my daughter's 1st easter either :/

  2. Loved this post! That is a very cute picture of you and Cole! :)

  3. Haha! That is too funny! Don't feel like a bad parent -- babies really don't need Easter baskets!! Plus - he got to see the EASTER BUNNY! What 4-month old can say that? Sooo cute. You're too funny.

  4. Don't sweat it! I'm pretty sure that Isabella didn't get an Easter basket her first year, either. I think it's part of being the oldest. When Cole is a big brother someday, I bet his baby sibling will get a basket because how else do you explain to the bigger kids why the Easter Bunny didn't bring their baby brother or sister anything. Hope that made sense. :)

    Love that picture of Cole with the bunny. What a cutie! I miss him.

  5. I'm pretty sure Cole was fine with the bunny and no basket. He might have even been fine with no bunny . . . he doesn't look like he cares too much!

  6. No worries, I didn't get Max anything for Christmas, and I didn't get him an Easter basket either. And he probably won't get anything next year either because a one year old will not even care! But once he is two and older, we will start getting him presents. Why waste the money when they have no idea what's going on ;)

  7. haha, you are too cute, lauren! i'm sure he won't have any hang ups over not having anything for easter. i feel like my family didn't really start doing easter baskets till i was 8 or so. :)