April 19, 2011

Bubba Loooooba

We took Cole to the doctor today and found out that he is in the 90th percentile for his height!! I just don't even know how that happened! That would be so crazy if he really ends up being tall with the short parents that he has!

She also told us that we should probably lay him on his stomach more since the back of his head is kind of flat. We were like "Hmm, yeah, I guess it is kind of flat. We didn't even notice..."

Anyway, Cole is 4 months tomorrow!!! (wow!) He still loves to hold his hands (and suck on them):
(such a reverent little boy...)

And he found his feet!!

And I'm still working on getting him to smile for the camera again.
But he's cute anyway, right? :)

ps, the title is another one of Steve's nicknames for Cole.


  1. I looove that he found his toes! He is way too cute! 90th percentile? Wow! That is so crazy. What a cutie pie! I just wanna hold him!!!! I love him so much.

  2. heehee Love the title/nickname :) And YAY for a tall, healthy boy!! while babies manage to get more and more fun, right around 4 months is one of my favorite times of the first year (along with being newborn:) They can't quite sit up so you get to hold them lots, and they smile and laugh all the time!! Oh such sweet memories! COLE is such a stud :)

  3. I love his new nickname!

    I can't believe he is in the 90th percentile! He is so cute, Lu. I can't believe how he can change so much each time you post new pictures. Sure miss you guys!

  4. Cute, healthy baby boy! I thought you'd post a view of the back of his head!