30 before 30

1. Start sketching portraits again
2. Put together a wedding video from our wedding footage (this is proving to be much harder than expected..)
3. Go visit Ecuador where Steve served his mission (!!)
4. Do a sisters trip. How cool would that be?
5. Visit Chicago and take the Wicker Park tour. (Obviously I have no idea if there even is such a thing. If there is, I'll take the tour. If there isn't I'll make up my own tour. And I'll make up my own The Vow tour while I'm at it. Chicago just seems so cool and artsy!) We celebrated our 6th anniversary in Chicago! SO FUN! Check it out HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and a little video HERE!
6. Become a certified yoga instructor (This might not happen before I turn 30 but it needs to happen before I die.)
7. Write another song
8. Run a successful photography business
9. Go back to Germany for a looong visit to make up for not being there for the last 6 years! (my mom would like this one:)
10. Shoot a wedding! HERE and HERE and HERE
11. Weekend trip to Austin. yay we actually did this! See HERE and HERE
12. Romantic getaway with Steve for one of our anniversaries! We went to the Coeur d'Alene resort for our 5 year anniversary. See HERE
13. Take an art class at a local community college
14. Try snowboarding
15. HAWAII. I am dying to go to Hawaii! WE WENT TO HAWAII!!! Watch the little video HERE, and see pictures HERE and 
HERE! Hawaii is simply amazing.
16. Teach Cole & Logan to speak German. And French and Spanish. And Welsh. Or maybe just a little phrase in each :)
17. Have more cute kiddos Well we've had one so far ;) Read Logan's birth story HERE
18. Go to Alaska so I can see the northern lights. I wish.
19. Go dancing again and see if I can still dance. With Steve :) We danced the night away at Johnny and Alyse's wedding! See pictures HERE
20. Paint a canvas to put in the living room
21. Go cliff jumping for the second and last time in my life (ahhhhhhhhh)
22. Go to the Stonehenge (I want to do this sooooo bad)
23. Make my own  music video. Preferably with my sisters :) You can watch the video HERE
24. Run a 5k I ran one with Steve Nov. 3rd, 2012. See pictures HERE
25. Visit Zions national park
26. Learn more about interior design
27. Teach Cole & Logan the Gospel
28. Meet my family in Paris and take some crazy cool pictures of the Eiffel Tower
29. Show Cole & Logan where we fell in love <3 They probably won't care ;) They really didn't care haha. See HERE
30. Read all the conference talks beginning the year I was born (1986) until present

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