August 31, 2015

C h i c a g o // Wicker Park


Wicker Park!!!!!

We had to visit Wicker Park because that movie has been our favorite movie since I introduced it to Steve shortly after we got married. When we were in chiropractic school, we would watch it at the end of every semester and it became some sort of ritual for us. It's probably why we ever wanted to come to Chicago in the first place. Well, come to find out, Wicker Park, the movie, takes place in Chicago but was never actually filmed there. Ok then. And when we finally went to the actual Wicker Park itself, it doesn't look at all like how it is portrayed in the film. In fact, there were lots of homeless people smoking weed. Haha.

But we walked around the area anyway and it was fun and dreamy! It seemed artsy and European to me with all the cafes. I loved the murals and all the old-looking buildings. It was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon when we walked through. If it hadn't been Sunday I'm sure we would have sat down at one of those cafes and gotten something to eat. Next time!

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