September 1, 2015

C h i c a g o // Downtown


Oh Chicago. What a fun trip. Whenever I think back on this trip, I know it will always be happy memories of Steve and I being annoyingly giddy together as we walked around the city (with no kids in tow!!) It was our first time leaving the kids for that long and we felt like we were on our honeymoon again. We went with Steve's sister Alyse and her husband Johnny and we had so much fun with them. It was their first time leaving Melanie too, so it was all very exciting for us.

We instantly fell in love with this city. It's just so much fun and seemed so down to earth for being a big city. Everyone seemed so friendly and happy, we couldn't help but feel the same way. I think "Blue Chicago" is a good name for it because blue really is its color, probably because it's right on the water.

I loved seeing the city lights on one of the evenings we were there. One of Johnny's co-workers lives in Chicago and let us come to the roof of his apartment building and the views didn't disappoint! It was right after the sun set so the sky was all sorts of pretty colors and I went a little crazy with the picture taking ;)

And the Bean! I thought the Bean was so cool! I've never seen so many people in one spot taking selfies with selfie sticks! Ha! We were right there with them (minus the selfie stick part..) and we got some fun shots. All I wanted was to re-enact the scene from "The Vow," right after they got married and are running underneath the Bean in slo-mo. But with so many people around and the fact that both Steve and I have really really bad acting skills, well, it just didn't happen. Haha.

After our first day there, we joked that we could live in Chicago. I'm not sure that will ever actually happen, but I'd visit again in a heart beat. And maybe if I was feeling up for it, we'd take the kids with us since it did seem like a kid-friendly city!

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