November 4, 2012

One more thing to cross off my list

Steve has been wanting to run a race with me for a long time and so I finally consented to run a 5K with him yesterday morning since a race doesn't get any shorter than that! And I say if you're going to run 3.2 miles then you might as well do it as a race because it makes it more fun. I mean, you get the cool number, you get freebies (we got a new gym bag!), the cool shirt, free snacks at the end, not to mention people cheering you on at every turn. So really, if you're going to run, you might as well be treated like a celebrity while you're at it ;)

I have to admit that it was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I was pretty nervous about it, as silly as that sounds, but only because I couldn't remember the last time I had run more than two miles at a time. And I hadn't jogged at all for a couple of weeks straight. (I have been really good about doing yoga twice a week though ;)
My goal was to never walk but to run the whole time. And I met my goal! I ran a 10:25 minute mile which is pretty average so I was happy about that. I came in 4th in my age group, which probably sounds better than it really is, and 81st overall (out of about 175) So, yeah, very average. Steve did really well! He ran a 7:19 minute mile and came in first in his age group and 12th overall! 
Before I crossed the finish line, Steve came back and ran the last little bit with me which was sweet of him. And what I'm most excited about is that I finally finished one more thing off of my 30 before 30 list. YAY! Now I don't plan on running any more races; I had the race experience and I'm good :)


  1. Good job! Next time both of you will come in first!

  2. Holy smokes, I'm impressed! First and fourth in your age group. Bragging rights, right there. :)

  3. Holy moly!! I'm so impressed with you. I love all these pictures. You are so cute :)

  4. This is so cool! Good for you guys. I ran a 5k once without running at all before and I thought I was going to die lol You're a rockstar.

  5. you rock! And so does Steve. Holy cow. Good job on doing it! You'll be doing a 10k before you know it :).