July 5, 2011

trip to Arkansas!

Noteworthy things from our 4th of July stay in Arkansas:

* actually being honked at twice. Apparently this never happens in Arkansas!!

* picking up on the southern drawl (well, Steve, not me) which, according to Jordan's grandparents isn't a drawl at all. It's just plain "hick."

* fried okra. Yum! I'd never had it before. Actually, I'd never heard of it before!

* a group of very dirty, sweaty, shirt-less guys pushing their broken down truck off the interstate and cutting us off.

* loooooots of dogs! Dogs that destroy shoes and pillows ;)

* naps. We had lots of lovely naps :)

* getting my hair done! I love it! Thanks Bekah!

* exploring downtown Fort Smith a bit. It has an old feel to it which I thought was cool!

* hearing Bekah's dad tell us about his adventures of working in the morgue when he was young. As Jordan put it: "It was an Arkansas version of Pirates of the Caribbean" complete with gypsy fights, digging up bodies and "Molton," the black man who helped out at the morgue too.  

* Night time swimming :) It was hot hot HOTTT in Arkansas!

Let me sum it up: We had FUN!


  1. Your hair looks great! Im glad you had a good time! Oh, and you photography is awesome! Your such a natural!

  2. Cute heart sunglasses :) I need some! And I'm glad you had such a great time!! I miss baby boy Cole!

  3. You obviously have an incredible sense of self worth to post that "crazy hair" picture. CRAZY! Thanks for the weekend in Arkansas recap and good job on the professional photos. You are getting good!

  4. That "getting your hair done" picture made me laugh! It almost looks fake, too funny. :) Bekah did a beautiful job! I'm glad you guys had such a great time! :)