July 23, 2011

This weekend so far

Friday: We ran around and did some errands and heard One Republic's new song "Good Life" no less than FIVE TIMES on the radio.
(Did you hear Lissie's version on the sister's blog?! They did great!)

Friday night: We went to see Brittney perform in the play "Titanic."
She did awesome!! It was fun to watch, but sadly we had to leave after intermission because Cole wasn't handling the noise too well. We probably should have left him with a babysitter. We didn't think that one through too well.

Saturday (today): I left Cole home with Steve all day while I attended a photography workshop with Kalli Barker from church. She invited me last minute and I was able to swing it which I'm so glad that I did because I feel like I learned a lot! It was Sandy Puc's Creative Edge Tour and it was so informational. It was from 2pm to about 8pm so Steve met me at the convention center with Cole about half way through it so I could feed Cole. I really need to get that kid to start taking a bottle! Any tips, moms?


  1. That One Republic song has been stuck in my head all weekend! And I'm so happy you got to go to that workshop--awesome!! I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. That song is going around in my head too! Sounds like a fun and busy weekend.

  3. I love that song :) And that's so awesome you got to go to that workshop! How awesome.

  4. yay for attending plays!! I haven't been to a good live show in too long :) And I'm so glad to hear you had such a great time at your photo workshop!

  5. we are mixing our bottle's right now but you need to offer him the bottle first and feed him second. Good luck