July 16, 2011

Some Cole cuteness

Oh, you know, just some Cole cuteness :)

He loves that thumb!

And here's a video of him. I was trying to put him to sleep while at church in Arkansas. He wasn't having it so instead I just decided to film him. haha! It's not of anything particular, just for his grandparents to see mainly. and sorry it's sideways :/


  1. He is adorable!!! :D That little thumb-suck is the cutest. And Annabelle and I just watched that video together and she got really excited, talking to it the whole time! We miss you guys.

  2. Awww, so cute. Juliette and I watched it together and she got excited, too. :)

    Oh, I was going to tell you that last night we were at TJ Maxx and Liam found some little baby boy shoes and said, "I think we should get these for Cole." It was cute.

  3. He's even cute "sideways!" I didn't know he liked his thumb so much.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. my goodness...that Cole of yours manages to get cuter and cuter every time I see a picture or video of him! he seems like such a chill, happy little guy :) And yay for sweet videos of smiles and giggles!! you'll treasure them as he gets older :)

  5. I love that he sucks his thumb!! Cole is sooo cute!