July 6, 2011

The Willow Tree

IMG_1491IMG_1529 copyIMG_1493 copy
IMG_1522 copy

I'd been wanting to take pictures by a willow tree. We found a park the evening of the 4th that had a willow tree so I experimented a bit. I wanted to get some shots peeking through the willow leaves hanging down. I'm not exactly in love with how it turned out. But I am in love with my husband and baby :) They're always fun to take pictures of because they're so cute together :)


  1. These are great Lauren! I love the lighting!

  2. Wow - so so beautiful! Those first ones especially. And the one of Cole looking up at Steve - adorable. I love love love these!!

  3. you really can't go wrong with pictures of that sweet baby! i love the tie onesie!

  4. So cute! I love the one of Cole looking up at Steve.

  5. Hi =) I found your blog from kileen. Wow! I really like the pictures!! What lens did you use to take the pictures of your family? Thanks

    - Gria