July 14, 2011

Our Thursday Afternoon

Today Cole and I ventured out into the sweltering heat to get out of the house. 
We sat out by the canals for maybe 5-10 minutes. Cole really liked it at first but then the heat just gets to you, you know? My phone said it was 104 degrees!!
Also, I don't think he really likes the feel of the grass on his skin. 
Anyway, isn't he looking less like a little baby and more like a little boy? Well, I guess besides the pacifier. That thing is in his mouth 24-7. It might be a little struggle weening him from it eventually......
But I feel like he's getting so big! And looooong!
My baby!! 


I made this bracelet today:

Cool hu? And it was super easy!


I painted my nails twice in two days!!What!
(I think I need a manicure.)

This week on Notes She Wrote I posted about painting my nails. That was before I was able to figure out the newspaper nails. It was definitely trial and error but Bekah and I were able to figure it out the other night. Finally. I will be updating the sister's blog on it soon!!

I also did a photoshoot of Bekah to share on here soon! I just need to edit them! And there are a couple funny stories to go along with it :)


  1. Oooh, you figured out the nails! So so cute.
    And baby boy is getting so big. I can't believe it! Is he crawling too? He is so so adorable!!! I love him. And I like your PEACE sandals too. Super cute :)

  2. Yes, he does look bigger! That was the first thing I thought when I read this post. He looks chubby, too. Glad you guys could get out and enjoy the outdoors. Can't believe how hot it is there. It's still in the 60s here...

  3. Cute baby Cole, cute bracelet, cute nails.
    When does it start to cool down again in TX?

  4. I love the first picture of the two of you! So cute!

  5. This is so much cuteness in one post!! I love your pink and gold nails :D