January 27, 2013

An afternoon with grandpa

IMG_6917IMG_6908IMG_6963grapevine lake with grandpa 1IMG_6929IMG_6933IMG_6934IMG_6982IMG_6984grapevine lake with grandpa 12IMG_7004grapevine lake with grandpa 11

It was January 23rd and 75 degrees. Only in Texas right? I loved watching Cole at the lake on Wednesday. He was in little boy heaven and I'm pretty sure he thought that every rock was specifically there so that he would throw it into the water. The rocks were very red, very flat and very light: perfect for skipping and I think grandpa got one to skip at least 15 times!

Since going, Cole frequently asks about "wa-wa" and "wok" (water and rocks) and it makes me wish that we could go to Grapevine Lake more often. It's really not too far but it costs $5 every time to park. Pshhh. Ripoff!!!!

He had so much fun spending the day with grandpa; we're lucky he could come for a visit :)

January 24, 2013

Throwing rocks

He never stopped throwing those rocks the entire time we were at the lake yesterday. Grandpa was in town for the day and Cole had so much fun with him :)

January 7, 2013

Last little bits of Washington


Bird watching in Washington.
Taking pictures of birds isn't really my thing but seeing so many bald eagles flying around in one spot was pretty cool, especially considering how rare they are! This was one of the last things we did while on our trip and it was freezing! Do we look cold!? Because I was. I do love snow but I think I got my fill to last me til next Christmas ;)

January 5, 2013

Cupcakes and presents

IMG_5832IMG_5873IMG_5874IMG_5823cupcakes, presents and an accordion!3IMG_5913 copy

I thought I should post these before much more time goes by! This is the second half of Cole's birthday: cupcakes and presents! Warning: the video is super long and probably really boring unless you're a grandparent. But if you watch it you get to see Cole whine and cry when we tell him to blow out the candles, and again when we tell him to open his presents. What can I say, my child is adorable all of the time. ;) (My excuse is that it was after 9 pm.)

I made football and baseball cupcakes because Cole is completely obsessed with any kind of ball. It's kind of hilarious to me. Maybe one day he'll actually get to play football when he grows up! Whatever, anything other than wrestling is ok with me ;)

January 1, 2013

It's a new year


These aren't from tonight but I thought I'd post them now since they're festive and fun and since it's NYE!!! And also since we're doing n o t h i n g tonight. These are from Alyse and Johnny's open house last weekend. It was a partay for sure; there was lots of dancing, especially for Cole (he's such a good little dancer) and even for Steve and me :) Which means I can cross something off of my 30 before 30 list. YAY! What a way to start out the new year ;) Oh, and no, I haven't forgotten how to dance especially with Steve by my side. We hadn't danced like that together since our dating days and our own wedding. So, a really long time.

I'll also be crossing off another thing off my list: shooting a wedding! But that deserves a whole post to itself because I learned a lot and my eyes were opened to a lot of things.

Our last day of the year was a typical one for us. Nothing too special. I worked on pictures, Steve worked on our family budget, and I went out and bought new shoes ;) (they are super super cute, btw) Steve and I sat down together and thought about new goals we might want to make for the new year and looked over our budget from 2012 and talked over where we could do better in 2013. We both have this feeling that 2013 will be a year of lots of learning and lots of growth for us. We are feeling very optimistic and excited :)

I'm hoping everyone's NYE was as exciting as ours...;) I know Lissie threw a major party which I'm wishing I could have been in the same country for. OH and Emma, well she spent the evening with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, no big deal. And I am being dead serious. Ask her about it ;)

Happy New Year!