January 5, 2013

Cupcakes and presents

IMG_5832IMG_5873IMG_5874IMG_5823cupcakes, presents and an accordion!3IMG_5913 copy

I thought I should post these before much more time goes by! This is the second half of Cole's birthday: cupcakes and presents! Warning: the video is super long and probably really boring unless you're a grandparent. But if you watch it you get to see Cole whine and cry when we tell him to blow out the candles, and again when we tell him to open his presents. What can I say, my child is adorable all of the time. ;) (My excuse is that it was after 9 pm.)

I made football and baseball cupcakes because Cole is completely obsessed with any kind of ball. It's kind of hilarious to me. Maybe one day he'll actually get to play football when he grows up! Whatever, anything other than wrestling is ok with me ;)


  1. so cute! wish we could have been there too. Happy Birthday, Cole!

  2. Happy Birthday to cute Cole! The photos are amazing :)

  3. What an absolutely adorable birthday boy!