January 27, 2013

An afternoon with grandpa

IMG_6917IMG_6908IMG_6963grapevine lake with grandpa 1IMG_6929IMG_6933IMG_6934IMG_6982IMG_6984grapevine lake with grandpa 12IMG_7004grapevine lake with grandpa 11

It was January 23rd and 75 degrees. Only in Texas right? I loved watching Cole at the lake on Wednesday. He was in little boy heaven and I'm pretty sure he thought that every rock was specifically there so that he would throw it into the water. The rocks were very red, very flat and very light: perfect for skipping and I think grandpa got one to skip at least 15 times!

Since going, Cole frequently asks about "wa-wa" and "wok" (water and rocks) and it makes me wish that we could go to Grapevine Lake more often. It's really not too far but it costs $5 every time to park. Pshhh. Ripoff!!!!

He had so much fun spending the day with grandpa; we're lucky he could come for a visit :)


  1. That looks like a beautiful lake! Sounds like a fun time with grandpa!

  2. Gorgeous pics! That looks so peaceful and fun!

  3. All of these photos are so incredible. Those first two melt my heart!!

  4. I've missed reading your blog! AH-MAZING pictures to welcome me back! :)