December 1, 2010

I wonder how much bigger I can get in 3 weeks...

It might even be 4 weeks... I guess we'll see! Here I am at 37 weeks. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and they told me that our little baby was 6 lbs at that point. yikes. I'm not sure how much he weighs now but obviously it's bigger than 6 lbs. Anything over 7 sounds huge to me. At the doctor today I asked him if he thought my baby was getting too big and if he thought I'd be able to actually squeeze him out. But he thinks everything will be fine. So that's nice to know. The doctor also found that the baby has "dropped" and his head is engaged. This is good news :) He's in the right position for birth. But it also means the waddling has started.
I've reached the size where I get double takes all day long when I'm in public. I almost don't want to go outside anymore because it's just uncomfortable! I feel like I need to have Steve by my side at all times so that when people see my big tummy, they'll then look at him and think.."oh, I see." I'm not just fat, strangers! I'm pregnant!!
I went through my closet the other day and realized that I have way more clothes than I would ever was fun though. I started to dream and fantasize about all the cute outfits I'll finally be able to wear again once this little one comes out. (hopefully anyway). It'll be like Christmas!!! Right now there are like 3 shirts that I have to rotate through. This makes getting dressed in the morning not exciting at all.
And just so everyone knows, Steve and I are having second thoughts about what we're actually going to name the little guy. It was going to be Parker for a long time and it might still be but we're thinking of others right now too. Just so no one's shocked if we decide to name him something different once he's actually born. :)
But we're getting very excited for him to come!!!! I think it just hit Steve like, yesterday that he's going to be a DAD! But especially after seeing Emma and Jake's sweet baby girl that was born last Friday! Annabelle is just the sweetest newborn :) I'm so happy for them. My cousin Jillian also had her baby boy only 2 days ago and he seems sweet as ever too :) It just makes me sad that I can't be with Emma right now! I want to help out and I also want to see that little infant! Suddenly the distance seems unbearable and I'm finally starting to seriously think of ways to make money so that I can buy a ticket and go see a few months anyway. Any suggestions, people? How can I make money at home when I have an infant of my own??


  1. Oh you look beautiful! And that adorable baby bump of yours makes me miss being pregnant! (some people may think i'm crazy, but i loved it) And I laughed out loud when you said that you rotate through about 3 shirts...i was the exact same! So excited for you two!!!! soon to be three ;)

  2. Oh Lauren, I love your little baby bump!!! You look so cute! 2 1/2 more weeks and we go to the states... I'm so excited to see you :D

  3. You are so funny! You definitely don't look fat, even to strangers. It's probably your cute waddle that catches their attention! So what names are in the running now?

  4. New names in the running!? How exciting. You'll have to fill me in if it's not top secret. You know me and names...

    Also, you are the cutest 9-month pregnant lady! Love and miss you. The TX distance is unbearable for me too. :(

  5. Lauren - you are the sweetest! I will help raise money for the cause. Seriously though, we'll figure something out so it's financially doable! I promise. I miss you so so much and really wish we were closer to each other :(
    You are the CUTEST pregnant girl! Love that big belly and how teeny-tiny the rest of your body is.
    Oh, and I am ALL for the new name :) Since you didn't post it, I won't either... but just for the suspense -- it's ADORABLE! :)
    Love you.

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  7. Umm.. I swear I left a comment on this post a couple of days ago... Your baby bump is adorable!

    And will you send me your address? I want to get a Christmas card in the mail... tkeetch at

    (I had to delete the first one because of a type error)

  8. So excited to see your little boy! I have no doubt he will be amazing. But if I've learned one thing over the last week, it is let those little white boys cook as long as possible. In the NICU they even call them "whimpy little white boys." :-) Anyway, you look adorable and enjoy your last few weeks.

  9. I just got a Christmas e-mail from Yvonne.. congrats on his arrival! I hope you are all doing well, and having lots of fun figuring out all the parenting stuff. :)