January 7, 2013

Last little bits of Washington


Bird watching in Washington.
Taking pictures of birds isn't really my thing but seeing so many bald eagles flying around in one spot was pretty cool, especially considering how rare they are! This was one of the last things we did while on our trip and it was freezing! Do we look cold!? Because I was. I do love snow but I think I got my fill to last me til next Christmas ;)


  1. I love the snow! You look warm all bundled up! Lauren, you are so beautiful. :) hope your new years is starting out great!

  2. It looks freeeezing!! Holy cow. But you still look as beautiful as ever :) And eagles are pretty cool. That sounds like a fun outting :)

  3. Incredible photos. Are you from washington or did you just go on vacation there?! I'm from Seattle :)