July 17, 2014

8 months old!


Eight months old! How could you not love that sweet face? Logan is a fun little baby. He's been eating more foods but he finally got some teeth at 8 and a half months! It wasn't even me who noticed it first. Yvonne was babysitting the boys for me and when I came to get them from her she said to me "You know he's getting some teeth, right?"

I was like WHAT! I hadn't noticed but sure enough, I looked in his mouth and he had his two front teeth poking through. And the next day I saw his two bottom teeth come through. All in all, he pretty much got six teeth all at once: 4 on top and 2 on bottom. Considering all of that, he actually was hardly fussy! I was really surprised! He's a lot like his older brother that way :)

So, because he has teeth now, I actually feed him a lot more real food. He seems to really like food because whenever I'm eating something myself, he always stares down my mouth as if to say "WHAT IS THAT. GIVE IT TO ME." And refried beans are currently his favorite food :)

Lastly, Logan can balance on his two little legs and stand in one spot for a v e r y long time. Pretty soon he'll be walking I think. Blows my mind a little bit!

I love you Logan man!

Refried beans. His new favorite food.He fell asleep on me and I am in mommy heaven!

July 15, 2014



Here's some from a couple months back, before we moved into our new place. They never got posted, but really they should have. When I look at these, I remember Cole telling me out of the blue once "Mom, I love this place." He really loved living with his Mimi and Papa and Amachi and his uncles. Every day was a party and there was almost always someone there to play with him. And if not, there was always lots to explore outside :)

July 13, 2014

Making a house a home.

^^This is how we're feeling about our new place :)^^

So, about a month ago we moved into our new little home. For whatever reason it was cheaper to rent a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, than it was to rent an apartment with the same features. So that's what we did! And we love it! It is in the best location; in a very family friendly area, close to parks, literally right across the street from the library and super close to grocery stores and the farmers market. I just love our new little home. We got spoiled by Steve's parents who let us live with them for the past six months, but we knew it was time to leave, especially when we found this great place to live in.

Before we even knew where we would be moving into, I had this vision of lining my kitchen window sill with little plants. I found those cute mugs for a dollar each and bought them knowing exactly what I would do with them. Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself for making my little vision a reality, even if it is very simple (and also one of the only things I've done so far, still! I have yet to put and pictures of us on the wall!) I found those cute plants at our local farmer's market. They were also only a dollar each and so I bit the bullet and bought them ;) I was a little nervous that I would kill them instantly but the lady I bought them from said they would be very hard to kill, so I figured it would be worth a try. And so far they are thriving! And I'm thrilled! It makes me want to buy lots and lots of plants! Because suddenly I feel like I can handle the whole plant thing since I've managed to keep those babies alive for three weeks now ;)

I have lots more ideas of what I want to do with our home, it just won't be as easy (or inexpensive) to see them through, but with time I'll get there. I'm excited to make this little house of ours a home ♥


^^Beautiful downtown Spokane. It almost doesn't look real, right?!^^

Just some Saturday fun when we went downtown Spokane for Hoopfest. It's where tons of little basketball games line the streets. It was a warm, busy day but Steve really wanted to go since a couple of his patients would be playing. We watched one of their games and then walked around and let Cole jump on the bounce houses. It was fun!

Some Saturday fun at #Hoopfest yesterday!

July 10, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

^^Cole was not impressed with the fireworks show. He said they were "flashing lights, not fireworks." ha! ;)^^
^^These two especially had fun together. Makes me so happy :)^^
^^Fresh Rainier cherries from the Farmer's Market! Yum!^^
^^Watching cartoons on their last morning together ;(^^

Back in April when I visited Emma in Utah, we decided that we were all going to meet up in Spokane over 4th of July weekend as our sisters trip. Spokane seemed about as central as it could get; Emma would drive up from Utah and pick Lissie up at BYU-I on her way and Marie would drive over from Seattle. But then Emma suddenly moved to NYC and this little trip to Washington wasn't so little for her anymore. And Lissie no longer had a ride and so it was just me and Marie. I was excited that at least Marie could come (although we missed the rest of them a lot!) and a few days before Marie came, she called and asked if her whole family could come since it wasn't turning out to be a sisters trip anymore anyway. I was so excited for Marie's whole family to come! I knew that Cole would have so much fun with his cousins and I was right!

They got here Thursday evening and stayed til Monday morning and it was a perfect 4th of July weekend. We joked that they would make it a tradition and come to see us every 4th of July! We went to the splash pad, the fireworks show and the farmer's market and all those places are really close to our new house and within walking distance! Marie, Bella and I also went on two big shopping sprees on Friday and Saturday afternoon. (Just fyi, way more stores are open on the 4th than you would think and they have huge sales! It was a blast :)

We also had Steve make us yummy pancakes in the mornings and cowboy burgers on Saturday evening. And we made a camp fire and roasted s'mores! On Sunday we did a double photoshoot of our families which was a little bit crazy, but still a good experience ;)

Here's a few more pics from my phone! Please come again! We had so much fun!! Happy 4th of July!

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