July 17, 2014

8 months old!


Eight months old! How could you not love that sweet face? Logan is a fun little baby. He's been eating more foods but he finally got some teeth at 8 and a half months! It wasn't even me who noticed it first. Yvonne was babysitting the boys for me and when I came to get them from her she said to me "You know he's getting some teeth, right?"

I was like WHAT! I hadn't noticed but sure enough, I looked in his mouth and he had his two front teeth poking through. And the next day I saw his two bottom teeth come through. All in all, he pretty much got six teeth all at once: 4 on top and 2 on bottom. Considering all of that, he actually was hardly fussy! I was really surprised! He's a lot like his older brother that way :)

So, because he has teeth now, I actually feed him a lot more real food. He seems to really like food because whenever I'm eating something myself, he always stares down my mouth as if to say "WHAT IS THAT. GIVE IT TO ME." And refried beans are currently his favorite food :)

Lastly, Logan can balance on his two little legs and stand in one spot for a v e r y long time. Pretty soon he'll be walking I think. Blows my mind a little bit!

I love you Logan man!

Refried beans. His new favorite food.He fell asleep on me and I am in mommy heaven!

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