July 10, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

^^Cole was not impressed with the fireworks show. He said they were "flashing lights, not fireworks." ha! ;)^^
^^These two especially had fun together. Makes me so happy :)^^
^^Fresh Rainier cherries from the Farmer's Market! Yum!^^
^^Watching cartoons on their last morning together ;(^^

Back in April when I visited Emma in Utah, we decided that we were all going to meet up in Spokane over 4th of July weekend as our sisters trip. Spokane seemed about as central as it could get; Emma would drive up from Utah and pick Lissie up at BYU-I on her way and Marie would drive over from Seattle. But then Emma suddenly moved to NYC and this little trip to Washington wasn't so little for her anymore. And Lissie no longer had a ride and so it was just me and Marie. I was excited that at least Marie could come (although we missed the rest of them a lot!) and a few days before Marie came, she called and asked if her whole family could come since it wasn't turning out to be a sisters trip anymore anyway. I was so excited for Marie's whole family to come! I knew that Cole would have so much fun with his cousins and I was right!

They got here Thursday evening and stayed til Monday morning and it was a perfect 4th of July weekend. We joked that they would make it a tradition and come to see us every 4th of July! We went to the splash pad, the fireworks show and the farmer's market and all those places are really close to our new house and within walking distance! Marie, Bella and I also went on two big shopping sprees on Friday and Saturday afternoon. (Just fyi, way more stores are open on the 4th than you would think and they have huge sales! It was a blast :)

We also had Steve make us yummy pancakes in the mornings and cowboy burgers on Saturday evening. And we made a camp fire and roasted s'mores! On Sunday we did a double photoshoot of our families which was a little bit crazy, but still a good experience ;)

Here's a few more pics from my phone! Please come again! We had so much fun!! Happy 4th of July!

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  1. This was seriously SUCH a fun time! I love all these picture so much! Thanks again for having us. xoxo