January 31, 2011

He laughs in his sleep...

Yes! My baby has started laughing in his sleep!! He's done it three times now. (make that 6 times now). I'm not sure if I should be excited about it because he only does it in his sleep. DEEP sleep. But does it mean he'll start laughing in his wakefulness now too? I hope so because laughing babies is just about the cutest thing ever.

Like this one minute video: You gotta watch it! It will definitely make you smile!

In any case, Cole has definitely started smiling a ton. Too cute.

He's also getting chubbier every day:

Can't wait for those baby laughs to start happening when he's awake!


  1. He is sooo cute!! :) And what a sweet little man, laughing for his momma :) I miss you guys!

  2. What a sweet boy! But like my boys, I think this one looks just like his Daddy. :-)

  3. Oh, he is so so so cute! I've been thinking about you and Emma all day today. I miss you! I can't believe we haven't talked since our visit. :( I'll have to call soon!

  4. Oh, and I just watched that video. Made me laugh out loud. How adorable!

  5. So so so cute!!!! You have to try to record him laughing in his sleep, I gotta see/hear it!

  6. My goodness he's so cute! Congrats, by the way! I can't believe he's such a smiler... my sister had a baby 3 months ago, and she's barely deciding to smile. :)