March 14, 2012

what I love best

*That pink tie dye shirt on munchkin. He's worn it a bunch already. He's going to hate me when he grows up, but I think it looks so cute on him! Even Steve kind of likes it!

*Texture, depth, patterns, bokeh. I love all of it when it comes to my photography. Maybe all photographers do; I don't know. But I definitely like it :)

*That man that let me get a picture of him as he shamelessly fished by the "no fishing" sign. We had a nice little chat actually. I asked him if he's really ever caught fish and he has. And he eats them too. I know because I asked. I was curious because I'm pretty sure if I caught a fish out of that canal I wouldn't dare eat it. The color of the water has to say something about the fish, right?!? I also asked him if he's ever seen snakes and he has but he said that they don't really come around til summer. Thank goodness! Then I told him about how our stroller fell into the canal last week. He didn't really react, so who knows, maybe it really does happen all the time. He said that come summertime he wouldn't get as close to the water because the snakes will be all coiled up in the rocks! Water moccasins even! yikes. I am SO glad that our stroller didn't fall in during the summertime.

*That beautiful butterfly that amazingly just stayed in the same spot long enough for me to get close a get a picture of it. At the playground even, where kids were running around. I couldn't believe it.

*The fact that Cole can walk now and actually enjoys the playground now. He loves the slide so much. I LOVE his huge grin every time he goes down. I love that little boy :)


  1. That picture of the man fishing cracks me up :) And I can't wait for all the playdates little A&C will for have so soon!!

  2. Fun post! I love that butterfly pic!

  3. I love all those pictures. Munchkin Man is lucky to have you as his mom.

  4. the baby is so cute and the photos are so wonderful!

  5. You keep getting better and better!!! Love your photography!