March 21, 2012

the calm after the storm

First of all, thanks to Emma, Cole and I have matching jean jackets! How cute is that?! Emma got him that jean jacket for Christmas last year and he's finally been able to wear it. YAY. I think Cole will be so thrilled when he grows up to know that he got to match his mama. A boy's dream come true, for sure.

Second of all, I already mentioned on the sister's blog that Monday night was the craziest thunder storm eVeR! The thunder was so loud, I'm pretty sure it was directly over our house because it shook the walls. I don't even want to know what a tornado would be like :/ They totally scare me. What was probably craziest of all is that Cole didn't even wake up once from it! I was shocked to say the least. Surprisingly, yesterday was beautiful and calm and as Cole and I were walking out to enjoy the weather, Steve drove up coming home from school so he go to join us :) Oh and I made that little video. It's nothing special really, except for we saw a turtle which we thought was pretty cool! And you can see Cole playing in the dirt. Yep.

Some other things that have been happening around here:
*Steve finished his part 1 boards (of 5) this past weekend! Wohoo! Way to go Steve! He was pretty nervous about them but he feels like he passed so that's good! We won't find out his scores until next trimester but I'm not worried about it :)
*Steve also got another scholarship! YAY!!
*I am getting SO pumped for our trip to Utah next month :) I've already started making a list of everything we need to do and it's getting looong.
*Cole has been cracking me up lately. I will be posting about all the funny things he does soon :)
*I spotted bluebonnets the other day. Oh you know pictures of those will be coming! Texas in the spring is pretty much perfection.


  1. you guys look so cute matching! and yay for steve! i'm sure he did great.

  2. Yay - you two are cute jean jacket twinners!! I'm glad he's fitting into it before the heat hits you. And you are so pretty, Lauren! I love that first picture. I'm so excited to see you!!

  3. The video works!! Cole is such a cute little walker!! :) And nice videography, Lu.

  4. Don't you just WISH you could sleep through a storm (that sounded like a tornado!!)?? Must be nice! I wake up if a pin drops! lol!

  5. cute pictures of you and cole!
    also that storm was CRAZY. i got caught in the wind in the target parking lot and could barely control the cart with avery in it ha ha!

    and at 2 am lightning cracked the branches off the tree 5 feet outside our bedroom window!