February 6, 2012

I just have to say

I love my husband!

What a crazy day it has been today. 

Early this afternoon, Cole was playing with his ball in the living room and he rolled it behind the TV stand. So he went in after it. I don't know how he squeezed himself back there, but I couldn't figure out how to squeeze him back out without him banging his head or getting his legs stuck. So, I lifted him by his arms up and over the TV. Which was a baaaaad idea. Because as I was lifting him over, I heard a big pop and Cole immediately started crying :(

I couldn't calm him down so I knew he was hurt. He's always been so tough, even when he gets hurt but I could tell this was different. I noticed that he wouldn't move his arm, and when he did he would cry out in pain. I thought for sure his shoulder was dislocated. Poor thing :( He just laid on the bed with his arm close to his body. With his other arm he would play with little toys I gave him. And every time his arm was touched or moved, he cried. Big tears, too :(

I called Steve. He didn't answer. He was at the school. He didn't answer for a WHOLE hour! After recruiting the help of my friend Bekah and 12 missed phone calls from me later, we were able to get a hold of him and he came immediately home. He took one look at it and knew that it wasn't his shoulder, it was his elbow that was dislocated. The radial head to be exact. 

We took him to the clinic at school but it was closed from 1-3. I called my friend whose husband is an orthopedic surgeon. He could help us but not until a bit later. (Thanks again for your help, Anna!) We didn't really want to take him to the ER because Cole is on Medicaid (since we are students swimming in loans) and we knew that if we took him to the ER we would just be sitting there for hours since it wasn't really an emergency and Cole wasn't dying. Plus it was a Monday. Aren't ER's worse on Mondays?!

So we took Cole home again where we would figure out a game plan. Steve kind of had an idea how to set it. So he pulled out his anatomy book, got on Youtube, watched a couple videos of doctors setting elbows on babies just as young as Cole. And then Steve just did it! He set Cole's elbow!

Of course Cole cried :( It hurts going back in just as much as it hurt coming out. And I cried too, like a baby. It's hard seeing your baby in pain. And it was all my fault :( But once it went back in, Cole could immediately move it! He crawled on it all afternoon and evening. And he even learned how to open the bottom drawer in the bathroom today. (Life as I know it is now OVER) And then Steve had to rush back to school so that he wouldn't miss another class.

This entire evening I've just been thinking about how amazing my husband is. He knows how to act in crazy situations. He'd never set an elbow before, but after seeing it done, he was confident that he could do it and so he did! And I was confident he could do it too. 

All I'm saying is, Steve is going to be one heck of a great chiropractor.
I am so proud of him :) And I am SO glad we didn't have to go to the hospital and that Cole is all better!

(a crazy day for this snot-nosed, puffy-eyed little boy. He went to bed at 5:30 since he didn't take his naps today and he might be down for the night!)


  1. Oh my goodness. Just reading about his elbow being re-set made my eyes tear up. Watching your baby cry in pain is excruciating! I'm so glad that Steve was able to remedy the situation and that Cole is feeling so much better!

  2. what a great husband you have, Eric and I used to play tug of war, because he was so stubborn( not sure where that came from) and twice we ended up in the ER with the same problem after the second time they finally told us it's what's called a nurses elbow, so if it happened once it's likey to happen again since once is never enough, stay strong and remember none of us like to see our babies in pain.

  3. That is amazing that Steve was able to fix it! I am glad little Cole is feeling better now!

  4. Lauren that makes me wanna cry!! I am soooo sorry you guys had to go through that! :( Steve is amazing for fixing his arm! Cole is one tough little boy! I'm glad he is better now!

  5. What a Kuh razy day!!!!! Wow. I'm so sorry. That's awful. I would've been crying right along side you!! Steve is so brave to do that. He's awesome!!! Glad everyone's ok.

  6. I'm so glad Steve fixed Cole's arm. Brigham is just now walking in the door and it's 10pm so I'm glad that Cole didn't have to wait for him. :) Kalena once fell and cut her lip. She cried and so did I. When I saw that it was bleeding I cried even more. It is so sad when our babies get hurt. I think it hurts the moms more than the babies. I'm glad everything turned out okay!

  7. Oh my goodness! Poor baby! I'm glad everything is alright and that Steve could set it! That sounds like a traumatic experience!