March 13, 2012

something else I'm crazy about

I think I've posted pictures of waffles on this blog at least three times before.
Ever since I had Cole I go crazy with waffles. I don't really know why.
And then I found caramel apple butter at Costco and it took my waffle craziness to a new level.
I think I'm addicted to sugar and it's not good :/

I posted about them on Notes She Wrote today too :)


  1. I looked for it today at Costco, and could not find it!!!! I seriously need some!!

  2. I keep wondering about the HFCS in that yummy apple butter, but those waffles sure do look good. I'm even thinking about getting my waffle iron out!

  3. How do you stay so skinny!? :) I love waffles too. Let's have a waffle party!

  4. Okay, that spread looks delicious! By the way, have you tried a big spoon of Nutella and peanut butter? That usually does the trick for me!!