June 30, 2011

The crazy month of June

It's the last day of June and it has kind of been a crazy month now that I'm thinking back on it.

Here's THE GOOD:

First of all, I started that blog with my sisters: Notes She Wrote which has been so much fun for us!

 I also started getting into photography this month which has also been so soo much fun!

I met up with some old friends from Germany! Holly and Jason Peregoy and their two boys. They came to Texas and we got to get together for breakfast at IHOP one morning!

Playgroup. There's a million little babies at church and we're all able to get together on Wednesdays. Cole loves kids. It so adorable :)

We started Cole on solids. He hates it. But we started finally. So that's a good thing. And he started saying "mama" and "tata."  So cute :) Videos to come :)
AND he is 6 months old now. Wow!

Going to the pool with friends!! It's sooo hott here. And Cole falls asleep every time!

And here's THE BAD:

We've had a few mishaps this month when it comes to the laundry
We put Steve's cell phone through the wash. But we both got cool new phones as a result of it, so was it really a bad thing? ;)

We also put a ink pen through the wash with our clothes AND it got dried with the clothes in the dryer too. And this was definitely a BAD thing. We have a heap of clothes now with ink stains that won't come out because of the heat from the dryer. I just don't even know how the pen got in there! :(

This is kind of gross, but I guess Cole spit up on one of his outfits and I didn't wash it soon enough and it left these disgusting moldy stains not only on the outfit but on anything that was touching it in the laundry bin!!! I thought doing laundry 3 times a week was enough. But I guess not! It's like I have to wash it immediately otherwise it will stain! geez. I've ruined of good chunk of our clothes in just this month!

That lizard in our light. I mean seriously, how random is that?

Steve sprained his ankle the other day. You'll never guess how.....It happened when he was trying to shoot a basket. But not only that, he tried shooting from the........wait for it............ slackline. I told him he's crazy. He's been hobbling around and I don't even feel bad for him. Ok, that's a lie. I totally feel bad for him and I told him he has to get it checked out at the clinic before we leave for Arkansas! Tomorrow!

But that isn't even the worst of it. The worst of all our mishaps this month is by far the one where Steve lost his wedding band in the pool last Friday while playing volleyball. :( I could've cried. It was such a perfect ring and it looked so good on him! We searched and searched, recruited our friends who helped us search and even said several prayers to help us find it. But we never did. I guess a miracle can still happen but I'm already planning on getting him a new one for our anniversary. I mean, he can't go around without a wedding band on, you know?

All these crazy things make me feel like we're a clumsy little family. But at least we're a cute little clumsy family ;)


  1. Yay for lots of good things!! Notes She Wrote is a stellar blog...and i love that it's fun for you & your sisters, AND your readers! :)

    I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends with sweet little families who you can spend fun times with :) That picture of all the darling babes is TOO CUTE!

    and I'm so sorry about all the crazy stuff that happened this month! And funny story similar to steve's: in high school I sprained my right angle doing a lay-up in playing basketball in PE...then after it healed I sprained the other ankle while on the court too!!! haha

    And losing his wedding band is no good!! but again...I lost my wedding ring almost 2 years ago. Breaks my heart :( Like you guys, we've prayed that we'd find it too many times to count. But it hasn't been found. The important thing is that we have each other :)

  2. We've washed not one but TWO cell phones in the washer! And Phill has sprained his ankle, had several knee surgeries, and broke a little bone in his elbow just from doing sports (and sometimes foolish things!)! So....you're not alone. :) I'm clumsy, too. ;)

  3. Will has lost his wedding ring in the lake for the SECOND time. I was so upset the first time and now I'm like, "who needs a wedding ring?" haha, no, I do need and want to get him a new one. :)

    And I love, love that picture of Cole with his playgroup friends!

  4. So I'm guessing that the heat in Texas is causing the mold to grow really fast in your laundry!

    So sorry to hear about the wedding ring.

    Love the picture of Cole with his baby friends!

  5. You got to see Holly! That's so fun. And that playgroup picture is adoorable! And so sorry to hear that about Steve's wedding band :( That's the worst!

  6. PS: That last picture of Cole sleeping totally sums up a fun summer for me. He is so so adorable!

  7. So sad about Steve's wedding band. :( that stinks. We had a lot of fun with you at the pool. Let's go again soon!

  8. Wow! That pool looks super fun! It looks way hot there too! I'm sorry Steve lost his wedding band :( boo! And Cole is so adorable as always! :)

  9. you are a SUPER cute family! your baby is just too adorable!