September 16, 2010

A baby shower of my own

While in Spokane, one of the many things that my mother in law, Yvonne did for me while I was there was throw me a baby shower!! It was so sweet of her and everything turned out so nice!

I don't think most pregnant people have a baby shower this early in pregnancy but this is just how it turned out because we're not coming back to Spokane again before the Parkster arrives.

Here everyone is hurrying about setting things up with balloons and yummy food which Marie, Alyse and Yvonne made!

Beautiful Marie with her precious baby :)

All the nice people who came:

Seriously, everyone was so sweet!

Alyse was in charge of the games. For one of the games we had about 5 minutes to combine the letters in my name and in Steve's name to come up with a new name for baby boy. Seriously, I came up with ONE name: Lars, which, no, we will not use. But Marie quickly whipped out like 15. haha. I blame me being completely brain dead sometimes on pregnancy of course;)

Look at all those presents for little Parker :)

This is one of the only pictures I have of me opening presents but this one is a quilt my friend Deborah made me and then had it shipped to Spokane so I could open in there. She MADE this quilt! I love it and we've decided to decorate the nursery these colors. Beautiful.

Here are some other hand made gifts that I just love:

My mother in law made this beautiful blessing blanket! I love it so much and can't wait to use it. I love the blue ribbon, so pretty :) Thank you:)

And Marie made these adorable hats!! I can just picture Parker in them. Look at those teddy bear cute!

And Marie also got him this cute little outfit. Steve has a sweater just like it so they can match!

There's something so fun about opening gifts for your little baby. It was so much fun for me and makes me so excited for the little guy to arrive. :) Thanks to everyone who has been so generous and sent us gifts! I'm so grateful to everyone!


  1. So cute! I love the little blankets!

  2. So cute! That was really sweet of Deborah and Marie and Yvonne to make you those crafty little gifts! Haha I would have made one for you, too, if I had any ability whatsoever. Maybe by the time you have your next baby...

  3. I love the blue and red combination too!