September 21, 2010

Half way to 50

August 30th was Steve's 25th birthday. We "surprised" him which included the whole family piling into the Yukon and Steve and I driving Aunt Kay's car back to Montana. She lives about 2 hours away. Steve said he wanted to do something adventurous while we were on vacation and so this was about as adventurous as it got:
My Aunt Kay lives right on the river and she pulled out her kayaks and let the older boys kayak down the river

And they're off!

The rest of us gave the boys a head start and then we drove down to the place where we could meet up with them and swim around in the river. Even though it was still August, it was barely 70 degrees that day. So yeah, it was COLD! I don't think I would have normally gotten in the water, but after spending the summer in hot HOT Texas, I'd been craving any kind of cold and so I thought I would try to get my fill of it before having to come back. 

Not the best quality pic but yes, I'm making that face because it's FREEZING! Aunt Kay just jumped right in and so I started walking in and then as it I got deeper and deeper and it got colder and colder I wondered out loud "Is this ok for my baby??" I don't want him freezing to death. But Aunt Kay assured me it was fine :)

The boys met up with us and Steve refused to get in the water and swim with me! Too cold for him. So the three of them skipped rocks for seriously an hour! They loved it :)

Look at these guys! What a cute family :)

We came home and Aunt Kay made us hot chocolate to warm us up before dinner. yum! Everyone had chills from the cold water.

At the dinner table. We made Steve's favorite: lasagne! Aunt Kay made bread and a salad.

She also made Steve's bday cake: lemon meringue pie, which is also his favorite and a chocolate cake:

Happy birthday!

Us being silly!

And then afterwards we came out and skipped rocks..again!

Then we had to say goodbye :( Thanks Aunt Kay for making Steve's bday a special one!


  1. Some of my favorite people gathered at one of my very favorite places ever - The Hermes Ranch!

  2. Lauren you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! You can't even tell that you're pregnant anywhere except your still teeny tiny tummy!