September 16, 2010

Angel Face

We were lucky enough to go to Spokane and see Steve's family at the end of August.

Steve and Craig drove the whole way from Dallas to Spokane in Craig's car...which took more than THREE days. That's partly because on their third day of driving, they sadly got a flat tire when they were only 100 miles from Spokane! That was a little disheartening for them but luckily the flat happened only about 30 miles from my Aunt Kay's house in Montana and she was able to come pick them up and put them up for the night (which was very sweet of her) and then the next day she lent them one of her cars and they drove the remaining 100 miles home that morning.

And I happily just flew Southwest those 2000 miles:)

It was so fun to see Steve's family again! Some we hadn't seen since December! And also my older sister Marie drove from Seattle to see us :) She brought her little baby, Juliette, who is about as old as I am pregnant, almost 6 months now.

Look at that angel face

Meeting uncle Steve for the first time

I'm her "Aunt Lulu" ;)

playing with her toes

chewing her fingers

with Amachi

While Marie was there, she took family pictures of Steve's family which was so nice of her and way fun for us. It was fun for the girls at least because we got to go through everyone's wardrobes and pick out coordinating outfits :) And afterwards the whole family went to The Old Spaghetti Factory! So fun.

We look like a little family but no, this little one is not ours..:)

My pretty sister in law, Alyse

my other pretty sister, Marie.

-the brothers- and my mother in law waiting for our table

Juliette wouldn't look, but I like how my hair looks long in this pic :)
The red flower in my hair is a project Marie taught me while she was there. I made like two, but Marie and Alyse were like factories and made tons which turned out really cute!

Sunday morning. beautiful girls!

Marie and Juliette left after church that day :( I had so much fun with them! I won't see them again til I have a little baby with an angel face of my own :)


  1. Fun fun pictures! Marie's so pretty, and I am just dying to hold Juliette now! She's got such a look of her own. SO cute.

  2. Aww that baby is adorable! I love the name Juliette too! You guys have great taste. lol. You were smart to fly, I would have done the same!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Alyse is looking more and more gorgeous all the time.

    And you're right -- your hair is so long! Did you have Marie take some preggo pictures of you? Like cool artsy ones?

  4. Can't wait to spend some time with that sweet little girl . . . next month! Cute pictures.