April 21, 2014



Aunt Emma got Cole that adorable backpack and when we were staying with them, he got to put it to good use and go to preschool with Annabelle three times! He absolutely LOVED it! Annabelle has the cutest little preschool class and the best teacher ever. (She was so sweet to let Cole join for those three weeks :) She always had the cutest activities and snacks and Cole seems to have remembered everything he learned. It made me want to start my own little preschool here in Washington. It would be a good way for me to actually teach Cole all the things he should probably learn before he goes to kindergarden!

We'll see if it that ever happens.... ;)

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  1. Ah, how fun! Juliette would love this, too! I'm thinking I'm going to send her to some sort of preschool next year. Wish we could do it together. :)