April 10, 2014

This little heartbreaker.

We got to go swimming last minute up in Midway today! Cole is suddenly deathly afraid of the water so it was actually really easy to watch him ;)

We are currently in Utah visiting Emma since she just had baby Sawyer! This past weekend we were able to go up to Midway and swim in one of the resort's pools and it was fun! We hadn't been swimming since last summer so it'd been a while, obviously. Cole is somehow deathly afraid of the water now which actually made watching him really easy so I'm not really complaining. But one of these days he will have to learn how to swim for real so.....we will see how that goes when the time comes ;)

He spent most of the time sitting on that step right there but we did migrate into the warmer pool right next to it and when we did he walked himself over and sat on the step right next to this little group of kids/teenagers. There were a couple of cute girls about 13 or 15 years old with their younger brothers and they were talking about something....I couldn't hear a thing I just remember looking over and seeing him sitting with them just listening. And then I saw him chime in and then eventually they all started paying attention to him and talking to him. I could tell they thought he was a cute little boy which you know, he is ;) And they were probably wondering where he came from and what he was doing just sitting in on their conversation! I was just amazed at how comfortable he was talking to these kids he'd never met or seen before and especially since they were so much older! I think he liked the fact that they were cute girls and liked the attention ;) Soon they were all laughing and having a good time together and I just watched from across the pool.

He's a little heartbreaker. There's no question about it ;)

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