November 1, 2013

What does the fox say?!

So long long ago when Steve and I were first married, I was little red riding hood for Halloween. I went to the DI in Provo, and found this perfectly bright red, huge button down shirt and bought it for a couple dollars and then went home, cut it up and hand sewed it into this little hood. I didn't own a sewing machine so it was very primitive but I was proud of myself for putting it together so I held on to it.

This is what I'm talking about: Halloween 2009!!

Well this year I was browsing on pinterest and came across this pin and thought, HEY, I can totally turn my little red riding hood into a fox hood. And so I did and it was super easy! Magically I had white felt on hand and I just hot glued it right on ;) The only thing I had to sew were the ears because I couldn't figure out how to glue them on otherwise I would have ;) And isn't Cole the cutest Mr. Fox there ever was?! He probably would have preferred to be a super hero because he pointed out all of the Buzz Lightyears, Spidermen and Supermen at our ward trunk of treat. But I figured that as long as I have a say in what he is for Halloween, I might as well take advantage of it. I'm putting off that spiderman costume for as long as I can!

Halloween 20131Halloween 20132
^^the cutest Mr. Fox. He was SO hard to take pictures of this year! Little boy does not want to ever stand still!^^
IMG_0997Halloween 2013
^^His first time trunk or treating! He was a little overwhelmed with all of it. But by the end he got a hang of it :)^^
^^Right before we had to go to the ward party, I suddenly felt guilty for not dressing up at all! So literally 5 minutes before we left, I cute out those paper ears and taped them onto a black headband I had. Voila! I was a pregnant cat for Halloween. SO cute :/ ^^
^^Sorting through his loot!^^

While we were there people kept saying to Cole "What does the fox say?!" I thought they were just trying to confuse him, since you know, what does the fox say?!?! Turns out this ridiculous song went viral on youtube a couple months ago which I had no idea about. You can watch it HERE. Seriously though. It's ridiculous and oh so European. Ha.

And I have to admit that Steve and I literally did eat all of his Halloween candy. Haha. Luckily Cole forgot all about his candy by the next day and so he never asked about it and I wasn't about to remind him of it :)

Next year when I'm not pregnant I will have to think up cute coordinating family costumes for a family of FOUR!! For this year though, Steve totally got off the hook ;)

And for fun you can see our past Halloweens together:

2010 as the Birds and the Bees
2011 as Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas
2012 as hipsters


  1. This is AWESOME! Cole looks so, so cute! What an adorable costume idea!

  2. I'm back to say that I liked the music video. Haha! What does the fox say???