November 16, 2013


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A few weeks ago I turned 27! I used to say that I never felt old until my 24th birthday but I take that back now. Somehow the jump from 26 to 27 has really left me feeling old! The fact that I found my first white hairs growing out of my head just this past week hasn't helped. Seriously though. How crazy is that?! I guess it's time to get my hair done......

My birthday itself, however, was lovely. My visiting teacher and YW's presidency took me to lunch and I was overwhelmed with the kindness others showed me throughout the day! People got me birthday cakes and dropped off goodies and sent texts and wished me a Happy Birthday! I've been so amazed lately at how willing the people around me are to serve others and go out of their way to brighten someone's day. To all of my friends out there who were so kind enough to think of me I just want to say thank you! You are all so sweet to me and I don't deserve it :)

Not to mention Steve stayed home from the clinic on the morning of my birthday to make me breakfast in bed and spend time with me :) And my sisters both sent me the best birthday gifts in the mail! New makeup and a new curling iron! And gift cards from my parents!! They really spoiled me :) Thank you so much!

The pictures above are just from my phone from the past few weeks. It might be 80+ degrees today, but the past few weeks it has gotten kind of cold. Cole loves it because he seriously loves wearing hats. I mean, he's wearing a hat in like every single picture above! People always comment on his hats; I think they're surprised that he'll actually keep his hat on. But he really does love them and he makes sure to put one on every time we leave the house. I don't mind; I think it's adorable and consequently he has wayyyy too many hats ;)

Pretty soon here he won't just be the only child anymore and I know he doesn't have any idea how much his life is going to change. I'm so excited to meet my new little one but I will also always treasure the time that I've had with Cole, just me and him. He is such a sweet boy and loves to give me kisses, loves to tell me he loves me and loves to tell me I'm pretty :) I know he's going to be a great big brother I just hope the transition goes well once baby brother actually arrives.

Two more weeks to go!!!! I'm feeling very ready :)


  1. Love all these pictures! Cole is so cute in hats :) And I'm so happy you had such a wonderful birthday. Love you so much! Now get that baby out ;)

  2. I had a really hard time shortly before I was due with my second...I felt overwhelmed with guilt because I WANTED to spend as much time as possible with my son but I couldn't! It wasn't my fault either...I was on bed rest for the last month and a half! It was SO frustrating because I wanted to do so much with him and ended up feeling shafted because I couldn't manage. I still feel like I was denied those special last days I had with ONLY him!

    1. I've heard of a lot of people feeling this way before having their second child! It's just such a different dynamic when you have two children, I'm sure I will see once he arrives and I'll probably wish that I gave my first a little more one on one attention!