October 30, 2011

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas get back together.

Look at these guys!
I don't know why they ever broke up......

Well! They are back together.
And all over each other ;) 
(On Halloween anyway....)

Taylor Swift's (I mean my) favorite number! 

Look who else we spotted not too far away:
NICK JONAS!!!!!!!!

This Halloween we had tons of fun going to the ward party and then we also enjoyed Britt's super fun  Halloween party at their complex's club house! It was probably our funnest Halloween in a long time :) (Thanks for an awesome party, Britt:)

But my favorite moment of the entire evening was probably when I was buying drinks right before the party. I was checking out and the girl at the register looks at me and says:
"You....look like Taylor Swift."

"Well, good," I replied. "Because that's who I'm dressed up as!"
I'd say my costume was a success :) It was all in the hair, I think. Maybe the fake eyelashes too :)


  1. oh my goodness!! love your costumes.
    you do look like taylor swift.
    and cole looks so darling in his little attire!

    so sad we didn't get to dress up this year. :(
    hopefully next year... boo.

  2. hahaha Cole + those glasses + that guitar = ADORABLE!!! And that is awesome that lady thought you looked like T.S. well done.... looks like you had lots of fun :)

  3. This is the best costume ever! I was seriously about to say, no they aren't back together (doh!)It's just such a great idea.

  4. Oh my goodness! Cole in those sunglasses made me laugh SO hard!!! How adorable! I love it. What a cute cute costume. I especially love the picture of you and Cole together. So sweet :)

  5. SUCH cute costumes! I wish we got more into Halloween. Looks like you had so much fun putting together everything. Cole looks so adorable with his sunglasses!!

  6. I loved the whole fam's costumes! You guy's looked so great! Glad you all had fun!

  7. ha!! love it all! you 3 ROCK those costumes ;) Glad your little fam had such a fun time at the Halloween Party! And hope you have a great night tonight :)