October 26, 2013

31 weeks.

IMG_065531 weeks

These were taken at 31 weeks which was 4 weeks ago because I am now 35 weeks! It was a good time to take "maternity pictures" because I am much much bigger now ;) Only 5 more weeks to go and I am getting incredibly excited to meet my little boy! Especially since Marie had her baby boy last night; it's starting to seem more real that he's coming. I feel like I am so ready but I'm sure as it gets closer I'll probably start to panic or something ;)

Steve took these pictures of me and I was happily surprised with how they turned out. Sometimes it's hard to have your picture taken when you know you're just going to look bigger than you feel like you should but Steve somehow has a way or bringing out the best in me. Throughout all of this pregnancy and my complaining he has always told me that I'm beautiful. And I know he means it. I love him so much and how he always makes me feel like a million bucks :) My hands, feet, face are all still swelling up with each week that goes by but I'm just going to be ok with it for now. We're both so excited to be parents again.

We will meet you soon little one!


  1. So sweet. ;) And you really are so beautiful...don't think of it has your face swelling up b/c you are definitely rocking the whole "pregnancy glow" thing.

  2. you're beautiful! cute little baby bump!

  3. You look stunning...and what a perfect little baby bump ;-)