May 6, 2012

since we've been back...

feeding a family of ducks // Steve-o <3
making a mess of his room // sparkling clean ring!
played badminton with the cub scouts on Wed // We finally bought a big kid car seat for Cole!
love my $3 teal skinnies from Savers :) // having a blast with dad on the swing!
feeding the turtles // There were LOTS of turtles!
shot from the place last week // my new favorite skirt I wore to church today :)

We've been back for a week now and it's been really nice! Steve had this entire past week off too and so we had a lot of time to do whatever we want!! 
Steve wins best husband/daddy award this week. He let me sleep in several times this week and got up with Cole. He bathed Cole, fed him breakfast and even cleaned up the house, vacuuming and everything! I felt spoiled when I woke up at 10 am and everything was in order :)
In his free time this week, Steve took an ENTIRE online excel class in like 2 days! It was fun to see how much he loved learning about excel haha. While he did that, I was editing lots and lots and lots of pictures :) I just posted Emma's family pictures and I love how they turned out :)


  1. Your ring is gorgeous!! I love a just cleaned and re-dipped ring too!

  2. lovely photos! And I loved your ring,it´s awsome :D

  3. glad you're having this fun and relaxing week before school starts up again. Enjoy!

  4. Your ring is stunning and I love those skinny jeans! Can your family get any cuter?