May 3, 2012

and a few more....

1. waking up in the morning. Cole didn't let us sleep in once!
2&3. cute cousins sharing yogurt raisins
4. finally a picture of Cole and Grandma Lisa together :)
5. catching up with LaDawn & Steve, the newlyweds!
6. smiling up at Aunt Lissie :)
7&8. brunch with Deborah and her fiance Andres :)
9. at City Creek with my little munchkin
10. snuggling with Aunt Emma
11. at the park with our friends Isdanish and Andrew
12. going for a ride in the stroller :)

I feel bad, but I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Cole and Aunt Marie together :(
We also didn't get any with Brandon and Mandy :/ You'd think with all the pictures I took I would have gotten every picture I could have ever wanted!!

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