May 11, 2012

rainy morning

This morning was a rainy one. Cole and I stayed indoors while Steve was at school. 
Somehow Cole found the mini hymn book that I'd forgotten under the bed. When I was cleaning up the house, I suddenly heard him singing to himself. I found him huddled by the window flipping through the pages  of the hymn book singing. If you watch the little video you'll see what I mean!
I guess going to church and singing in Sacrament meeting is rubbing off on him more than I thought! :)


  1. Lauren, I loved that!!! He is so so adorable. What a little sweetheart.

  2. Your little movies are so sweet! Your little boy is so sweet!

  3. That little boy really loves music! I think he needs his own little keyboard . . . and guitar . . . etc. I loved watching this little video of him.

  4. Aw how cute! He's such a good little talker too! :)